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Guan Hong attends fashion activities

Recently, the young actor Guan Hong has appeared in Macao and Shanghai for a brand event. The handsome young man has been most incisive and enthusiastic in the two warm and sunny trends.

In Macao, Guan Hong wore coach series black coat, red casual pants and sports sandals. The strong color contrast between bright red and black showed Guan Hong's unique fashion taste and extraordinary fashion control power. In Shanghai, Guan Hong wore military green Wei Yi, black and white striped down jacket and black trousers, full of vigor and vitality, becoming the autumn and winter season Matching model. Between light and shadow, Guan Hong's actions and actions are full of tension, and his deep eyes are even more exciting. Every time the fashion activities appear, Guan Hong brings us a lot of surprises and numerous fans. What's more, some media affirmed Guan Hong: "the contradictory words between youth and maturity are perfectly digested in him. '

The program "the signal of the heart", which is played by Guan Hong as a heart detective, is currently on the air. Guan Hong is good at observing and meticulous in the program. He has the most original stones for detecting love and won the title of "old moon". In the latest program, Guan Hong was moved by the interaction between tomato and CP in the program, which shows his tenderness and delicacy. We expect Guan Hong to show more surprises.