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Li Kaixin's first English single will be released soon

Li Kaixin, a new generation popular after 1999, will celebrate her 19th birthday on October 12. Her youth is wanton and her time is just right. It is reported that on her birthday, Li Kaixin is also about to launch her first English single "tatoo on my face". This song is to play the electric movement of nlsn. It has a unique atmosphere belonging to the Post-00 generation and sings the sweet words of this generation.

At the age of 19, Li Kaixin has made her own way in the entertainment industry at a young age. In 2015, she starred as a kind-hearted girl who played and sang in the apple mobile phone micro film "old records" directed by Xu Anhua. From then on, she stepped into the public's field of vision and began to attract attention from both inside and outside the industry. The broadcast of "problem restaurant" and "the monitor" further made Li Kaixin's fans endless. Later, she played Xiao Su Yuning in the broadcast of "sea animal husbandry cloud", with her own ancient scholarly temperament Li Kaixin, who has been recognized by both the industry and the outside world, is not arrogant and dauntless. She has been playing in the series of "Mo Yu Zhe", "my Poseidon" and "the strong wind". It is reported that "my Poseidon" will also be broadcast in November, which is worth looking forward to. In addition to the achievements in film and television works, Li Kaixin is also an all-around girl who can play guitar and sing. Before that, she has sung the promotion song "Qingyun Zhi" for TV drama "Zhuxian Qingyun Zhi", the theme song "youth performance" and "your figure" for "the monitor". She has also launched her own EP Eleanor with the same name, including the girl produced by Fang Datong Children, ink pen and eraser and the original song together are very popular among the audience. Now, on her 19th birthday, Li Kaixin will launch her first English single "tatoo on my face", showing her youth attitude with music and opening the micro sweet wave music chapter.

Li Kaixin's 19-year-old is destined to be different with her sweet voice and dynamic music. Do the coolest things at the best age and look forward to the surprise that Li Kaixin's birthday will bring to us on October 12!