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Two beloved concubines of two generations have been spoiled and drowned by Prince Xing Zhaolin

Xingzhaolin's ancient costume idol drama "two generations of beloved concubines 2" has attracted the attention of the majority of netizens since it was launched. Under the expectation of the public, it was officially put on the exclusive launch of Tencent video on October 22.

In 2017, the first film of "two generations of beloved concubines" achieved a total broadcast volume of more than 3.5 billion with the potential of dark horse. The excellent performance of the first man Xing Zhaolin in the play made him gain the love of many netizens. Mo Liancheng, the overlord sweet pet prince, is one of the most impressive characters in many dramas in 2017.

With the announcement of the scheduled date, a pilot trailer was released. It is reported that Xing Zhaolin will act as two characters in this play. Sometimes, Xing Zhaolin's eyes are more firm and affectionate than those in the first season, and sometimes it seems to return to the original cool eight princes. The audience is very curious about what happened. The trailer also reveals Xing Zhaolin's favorite wife in this season Segment double upgrade, full of sweet smell overflowing the screen.

The short trailer has caught the audience's appetite. They are looking forward to Tencent video on October 22, which is the sweet attack brought by Wang Ye Mo Liancheng.