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Zhu Zhengting's "wonderful food" opens new dishes

The real-life reality show "wonderful eating light" is on the air. Next Zhu Zhengting, Justin and Bi Wenjun, the seven sons of Lehua, jointly operate overseas restaurants as restaurant partners. On the first day of opening, they faced many situations and challenges. Learning from the experience of insufficient preparation on the first day, the three partners went all out for the restaurant operation on the second day. Zhu Zhengting has opened up many new dishes. Justin shows her ancestral marketing method, and Bi Wenjun's Yo Yo Yo Yo has delayed serving time and displayed her wit. The number of customers has soared, making the restaurant partners very busy. In the face of various situations, the three positive energy teenagers show amazing coping ability, bring joy to the audience, and convey their dedication and awe to their work.

Zhu Zhengting unveils new dishes and brings out dishes with injury

In the program, Zhu Zhengting, the leader of next, seven sons of Lehua, serves as the Deputy chef of space restaurant. After five years of not cooking, he not only shoulders the burden of the back chef, but also unlocks many new dishes in the restaurant. Facing the surge of orders on the second day of opening, Zhu Zhengting devoted himself to the production of dishes. His fried eggs with tomatoes and fried bananas were praised by diners. After accidentally cutting his finger, Zhu Zhengting quickly and simply dealt with the wound and immediately devoted himself to his work. In order to keep the diners waiting, Zhu Zhengting, who managed the restaurant well, was praised for his professional strength and showed his awe for his work.

Justin tries to sell dishes to resist the store manager's banner

As a store manager, Justin's performance in the program was highly praised. On the first day of its opening, Justin (Huang Minghao) was resourceful, and recommended the restaurant dishes and secret chili sauce. The next day, facing the customers who came to the store constantly, Justin fought against the growing flag of the store, greeting guests, ordering meals, setting dishes, serving dishes, moving baby chairs, etc., just like store manager Jia who stepped on the wheel of wind and fire to rush in and out, showing his strong ability to bear responsibility. You can get a 30% discount on the social networking platform for taking photos and sending customers sweets and ginger soup. You can let your friends use yo yo to delay serving time. Justin shows his super high double quotient all the time.

Bi Wenjun's restaurant is full of talent, technology, machine, intelligence, solution to crisis

On the first day of opening, biwenjun restaurant showed off yo yo skills, delayed serving time, and "Fushun ball king" went online, bringing a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to the restaurant, while tactfully resolving the crisis. On the second day of business, in the face of the sudden increase in the number of customers and the number of drinks ordered, Bi Wenjun was responsible for the production of drinks for all the diners. She was so busy with her hands. Seeing that Justin, the store manager, was too busy, Bi Wenjun took the initiative to step out of the bar to greet the diners and help her teammates share the burden. She was very warm-hearted. Thanks to our joint efforts, the restaurant partner has successfully completed the two-day turnover task. Let's look forward to the "wonderful tour" of the teenagers this Saturday!