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Yu Bo, Qin Junjie and Chen Weiting lead the five most anticipated spy war dramas

After the "Yanxi strategy", there was a shortage of drama, which coincided with the 69th anniversary of the birth of the motherland. Fortunately, the Spy Drama "seamless" with the same team of "the name of a person" has been released. It is expected to be broadcasted in the near future. Several other spy war plays with well-made cast members are expected to be broadcast this year or early next year. Just look forward to it!

1. Bewilderment in the battlefield -- Yu Bo, Gao Shuguang, Liu Dekai, Wu Qianyu

Yu Bo, the hero in the play, plays the Heron Island businessman he Wenqing, who needs to disguise his identity and revolve between the KMT party and the Japanese. However, under the lively atmosphere of conversation and laughter, he Wenqing, a businessman of Ludao Island, is in great danger. Gao Shuguang, Liu Dekai and other actors have joined in the play. The whole play is well-made and has a strong lineup.

2. Qin Junjie, Lu Yi, Xu Lu, Zhu gangriyao

"Seamless" is directed by Li Lu and written by Zhang Yong. Qin Junjie, Xu Lu and Hu Haifeng are the leading actors. Lu Yi is specially invited to play. It is said that the same cast of "the name of man" has been assembled. Several veteran actors, such as Wu Xiubo, Li Jianyi, Wu Gang and Ding Haifeng, have also appeared on the stage. It is expected that it will be broadcasted in the near future to attract the audience's appetite.

3. Storm dance -- Chen Weiting, gulina Zha, Ren Dahua, Jiang Wenli

The play tells the story that Li Junjie, played by Chen Weiting, is employed by an information security company. In a series of tasks, he finds that there are countless ties between the company and the foreign evil forces. With the help of Zhou Zixuan, a senior leader of the action team and played by Zheng Shuang, they work together to investigate and reveal the inside story. Ren Dahua, Wang Ji, Jiang Wenli and other powerful old opera bones will escort them, which is worth looking forward to.

4. Top secret -- Tong Dawei, Zheng Shuang, sun Yizhou, Lin Peng

"The top secret" is directed by Wang Lei, led by Tong Dawei and Zheng Shuang, starring in action plot and spy war. In my impression, this is Shuang Meizi's first spy war drama. She plays a cold faced female agent with a strong heart. She completely subverts the previous image and wants to see it very much.

&#Secret and great -- Li Yifeng, Jin Chen, Niu Junfeng

After sparrow, the heroine of the spy drama starring Li Yifeng is Kim Chen. The play has the same name as the Korean film starring Kim soo Hyun. The plot also shows more about the lives and emotions of small people. It is expected to be broadcast next year.