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Dapeng's short film "auspicious" was shortlisted for the Golden Horse Award

On October 1, the 55th Golden Horse Awards announced the shortlist, and Dapeng's new work "auspicious" was shortlisted for the best short story film award. On the night of the shortness, the director of Dapeng released a short film poster on his micro blog to share the good news with you. In the poster, the vicissitudes of the old man in the sunset smoke curl, long and long. This time, Dapeng has changed its previous comedy style and embarked on a new journey of literature and art, which makes many netizens express great expectation. They have left messages on microblogs asking when "auspicious" will be released.

It is reported that the film is the first short film directed by Dapeng director. As a non professional director, this broke the public's inherent understanding of his comedy director. He was the first to shock literary genre films and dare to break through himself. This bold attempt to change suddenly also made the audience more curious than expected. Although the short film has not yet been released, the shortlist of the Golden Horse Award has been a very strong affirmation of the short film. We hope that "auspicious" will be able to meet the public as soon as possible.