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Actor Gu Shangwei's red carpet appearance at Busan Film Festival

Recently, Chinese powerful actor Gu Shangwei and his new film "the prey" were invited to attend the opening ceremony of Busan International Film Festival, and made an appearance on the red carpet together with its creator, Cambodian Italian director Jimmy Henderson, and Thailand's famous villain, vithaya pansringarm. Busan International Film Festival, founded in 1996, is one of the most important film festivals in Asia and South Korea. This time, the new film "the prey" starred by Gu Shangwei has been shortlisted in the midnight crazy unit. It is the first of 860 shows, which is highly anticipated and concerned. This represents the international recognition and recognition of Gu Shangwei's acting skills and strength

On that night, Gu Shangwei walked on the red carpet in a suit of colors and colors. The clothes were unique and fashionable. The tailored clothes showed the good figure of Kung Fu stars. As soon as she appeared, she immediately caused a "sensation" on the scene, which attracted the attention of the media reporters and the audience, and the scene was even more closely related to Thai actor vithaya Pansringarm restores the classic action moment in the film, which makes fans scream and shout "hormone explosion! Gu Shangwei said frankly: "this time, the new film" the prey "with the leading role will be presented to you in the exhibition. I hope you can learn more about the film and pay more attention to it. It is reported that Gu Shangwei plays a Chinese police undercover in Cambodia in the film, creating a positive international image for the Chinese police. The film is adapted from the international event 'Southeast Asia telephone fraud' in 2015, and tells the story of Chinese police going to Southeast Asia to crack down on telephone fraud gangs.

Since Gu Shangwei made the movie the prey, he has attracted much attention in the world. From the cold-blooded boxer Gao Yuan in the boxing storm, the battle of wits and bravery with the enemy soldiers in the dangerous jungle in the thirteen hunting, and then to the "the In "prey", the Chinese police undercover in Cambodia, the powerful actor Gu Shangwei constantly challenges himself and performs his every role with heart. It is reported that the movie "the prey" and "Thirteen hunting" starring Gu Shangwei will be released on the screen to meet the audience.