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Chen he once again released himself? Don't make fun of brother

On October 5, the brain burning variety show, brother don't make a fuss, launched a new program. Chen he and Lin update led 14 members of the preparatory hosting group to start a "local shopping tour". This program is in the National Day holiday, Chen he strength to present the 'genius shopping guide', cut hands mode, holiday shopping is also crazy!

Chen he meets the most confused situation and starts crazy shopping

In this program, the brain hole is upgraded. In the background of shop shopping, members need to buy the goods they need in each store, and win by the person with the largest number of superimposed goods. In the process of the game, Chen he does not forget to be funny. When everyone goes into the room to discuss the situation, only Chen he murmurs: "don't discuss, buy directly." the barrage mocks "God restores the way you cut hands! '

However, the identity of the "professional buyer" in the game is a mystery. Even Chen he says that he has no clue. Later, he also ridiculed Chen he's encounter with a strong "old enemy" in this issue. However, Chen he does not admit defeat. After the program was broadcast, he tweeted that "there is no existence". Everyone also joked that "Chi Chi Chi has always been an IQ player! '

Chen he lost the burden of idol, strength imitation show God restore alley auntie

At the opening stage, he and he renewed their choice of the bursting point in the program. At that time, he picked up the label and put it on his body, which not only resolved the embarrassment of the choice but also made the scene lively and funny; besides, Chen he also led the new people to fly away from the time to himself, and also contributed a wave of laughter. Chen he's newcomer, who was laughing at Zhang Fang, spread the news. Like the aunt in the alley, she also imitated it online, and her face in her hand was also ridiculed by netizens' reduction degree is 100 points! '

It is reported that "brother, don't make a fuss" is broadcast every Friday evening at 18:00, expecting Chen he's wonderful performance!