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"Liangsheng" continues to be popular in hazy biting people, triggering a hot topic

Adapted from Le Xiaomi's novel of the same name, directed by Liu Junjie, and starred by Zhong Hanliang, Ma Tianyu, Sun Yi and Yu mengmo, the urban emotional drama "Liangsheng, can we not be sad" is being broadcast in the Golden Eagle theater of Hunan Satellite TV. Within 24 hours of the broadcast, the number of broadcast quickly exceeded 100 million, and the degree of topic and discussion remained high. In the play, Yu plays Cheng Tianen, a young man with pure appearance and dark heart. His complicated personality changes have aroused heated discussion among netizens.

Yu misty's "Liangsheng" is popular and fits perfectly with the original character crazy circle powder

With the progress of the plot, Cheng Tianen is also officially online. In the first appearance of the bar, Cheng Tianen, who is in a noisy environment, has a quiet insight into everything, showing his calm temperament beyond his age. In the conversation with his brother Cheng Tian'en (Zhong Hanliang), Cheng Tianen reveals his childish side: "you are so busy, don't make fun of him", "brother, am I important in your heart? "In words, the desire to care for family members will be expressed incisively and vividly. Netizens have said 'listen to Cheng Tianen talk good heartache! '

As a film and television work adapted from the novel of the same name, "Liangsheng, can we not be sad?" also has strict requirements on the role reduction. In addition to the bright personality of Yu hazy, the perfect fit of Cheng Tianen, who is an angel and a devil, has also aroused heated discussion. Make netizens directly call out 'in hazy and Cheng Tianen fit degree is almost full'. Yu also said that in order to get closer to the characters in the original work: "I have made a lot of preparation, and I have carefully studied the role. '

Biting Sun Yi in the hazy mood and arousing the topic

"Cool life, can we not be sad" has aroused a high degree of discussion on the Internet since it was launched. And the recently broadcast "Cheng Tian en biting Jiang Sheng (Sun Yi)" is even more a topic. Cheng Tianen realized the relationship between Jiang Sheng and Cheng Tianyou. When he found Jiang Sheng, he was not clear but threatened. During the conversation, Cheng Tianen casually takes Jiang Sheng's hand, but bites it down, revealing the character's inner "abdominal black disease's delicate feeling".

This is Yu misty's first challenge to such a complex negative character. Unlike the gentle and quiet image created in previous works, Yu misty frankly says that 'this is a new experience and challenge'. It is reported that Cheng Tianen will have a lot of emotional entanglements with Cheng Tianyou, Jiang Sheng and Liangsheng in the later plots. And Yu's interpretation also gives Cheng Tianen more transformation and rationality in his character, making the characters more full and three-dimensional.