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"The poet" shortlisted for Tokyo Film Festival

The film poet, directed by Liu Hao and starring Song Jia, Zhu Yawen, Zhang Yao and Zheng Jiabin, announced yesterday that it had been shortlisted for the main competition unit of the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival and would be the only Chinese film in the mainland to compete for the golden Qilin award.

The film tells the story between Li Wu, a poet who works in a mine, and his wife Chen Hui, who supports him. It is reported that in order to perfectly restore the scenes of the 1980s, all the films were shot in Xinjiang, while the open-pit coal mines, steam engines and trains in SANDAOLING, Hami, have become the shooting places of the top plays due to their high degree of restoring the sense of time required by the film. Powerful actor Zhang Yao will play Li Li Li, a textile worker. As a colleague of Chen Hui, she will compete with Song Jia and Zhu Yawen in the film, which will become an important factor in promoting the development of the whole plot.

Talking about the shortlisted, Zhang Yao, as the leading actor, also expressed great honor and gratitude to everyone in the cast. Before that, Zhang Yao had made outstanding performance in many works, such as the unruly Xiaowen daughter-in-law in White Deer Plain, Li Weijuan in to our dying youth, Gao Beibei in the beginning of spring, the playwright mother-in-law in the general on, and Zhang Yao's vivid and natural acting skills. Low key focus, cross-border do not play tickets, looking forward to her once again blooming big screen.

It is reported that the Tokyo International Film Festival will be held in Tokyo from October 25 to November 3, and the film "poet" will also hold a global premiere during this period.