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An unexpected confession! "If Paris is not happy" and "Mr. pain" to remove the misunderstanding

Directed by Zhang Boyu and starred by Kai Qingzi and Zhang Han, the urban inspirational emotional drama "if Paris is not happy" based on the novel of the same name in baigehu is on the air. Ruan Manjun, played by Kai Qingzi, has short hair, which is full of charm of a little woman. She is capable and agile. The unforgettable love story between her and Mr. Tong has gradually begun. The sweet plot of the two plays has just begun to reap the "maiden heart" of many audiences.

The play mainly tells the story of Ruan Manjun (played by Kai Qingzi), a lawyer, who starts from a pizza delivery man in frustration and gains his career and love again. Ruan Manjun's betrayal of the past is heartbreaking, and her tenacious and independent personality is incomparably appreciated. In the play, Ruan Manjun and Mr. Tong are full of all kinds of warm hearted plots: she was accidentally injured by Tong zhuoyao's fancy style bone soup, was cheated to Mr. Tong's home by sending pizza, and the comic book was surprised to harvest birthday greetings. However, the two people have been estranged because of the lawsuit many years ago, and Ruan Manjun has been misunderstood. On that day, Ruan Manjun and his best friend accidentally found uncle Fu's computer when they were tidying up the room. After associating with a series of events that had taken place before, Ruan Manjun began to decipher the code, looking for evidence to make the truth known. She successfully obtained the key clues and handed the evidence to Tong zhuoyao. In the face of the misunderstanding, Mr. Tong bravely faced up to his own real feelings and sweetly confessed the comic strips. Netizens said in succession: "enough pizzas have been bought, and the mini comics should be officially teased." they like the independent character of mini comics, and have a quick sugar! '

It is reported that "if Paris is not happy" is being broadcast on the Internet platform, what romantic stories will happen between the "little cartoon" played by Kai Qingzi and "Mr. Tong"? Coming soon!