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Song Zuer's "tongue harm" ends warmly

Yesterday, 98 popular flower song Zuer starred "tongue harm" warm end. In the finale, Zhai Yitao, played by song Zuer, bravely stands in front of the camera to clarify the truth and show the unknown side of Jincheng as a star in order to help star boss Jincheng Jiahui 'wash white'. Therefore, it can obtain the support of public opinion overnight and help Jincheng to establish a more positive image. After that, Jincheng Jiahui and the other three brothers of Bravo's group also cleared up their old feud and made up as before. After helping Jincheng Jiahui get her life back on track, Zhai Yitao plans to leave because of their identity. However, she finally chooses to face Jincheng directly. As an 18 episode light comedy, tongue harm has gained a lot of attention due to its unexpected plot development and online acting skills. And the heroine song Zuer's lines in the play are even more amazing. According to my disclosure, the lines of a play are often several pages of A4 paper, which attracts many netizens to ask for advice on how to practice such a strong memory.