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Chinese version of gossip girl starts shooting this month! The lineup selected by netizens is agains

The news that iqiyi will start shooting the Chinese version of gossip girl in October has been very popular since September. Now, in a blink of an eye, the National Day holiday is coming to an end, and everyone's work life is back on track. At the same time, some netizens also broke the news that "the Chinese version of gossip girl" will start shooting this month, and selected such a rebellious cast: Zhou Xun, Zhang Yuqi and LV Jiarong.

What do you think of Zhou Xun's role as Queen B

Those who have seen gossip girl know that the relationships among the characters are quite complicated, and their lives are full of intrigue. The plot is even more like a palace opera. Recently, Zhou Xun's performance in gongdou drama "Ruyi Zhuan" has been blown up by netizens! Zhou Xun plays Ruyi has always been scrupulously abide by the duty, submissive, endure, let the netizens cry heartache. However, her patience is also limited. In terms of strategy and means, she is not inferior to any concubines. She can directly order her concubine to be hanged, which is quite domineering. Just with Zhou Xun's wonderful performance in "biography of Ruyi", it is not difficult to see that her role in Queen B will be absolutely stunning.

Zhang Yuqi is in line with the image and temperament in gossip girl

Everyone must have heard the news of Zhang Yuqi's divorce. I have to say that her style of work is really admirable. She is not cruel and can afford to put it down. So the strong character of Zhang Yuqi is very in line with the image of "gossip girl", and she is also the top entertainment "white rich beauty.". She once said in the little red book: to buy diamonds, you need to buy more than one carat, and the broken diamonds under one carat are not worth money at all. Zhang Yuqi's heroism is almost the same as those upper east side celebrities in gossip girl.

Lu Jiarong, who is 2.8 meters in gas field, plays queen s

Netizens chose LV Jiarong to play Queen s, which is really the right choice! How to say, QueenS is a character with a bright personality, full of air and salt and sweetness, and Lv Jiarong also gives people the same feeling. LV Jiarong has starred in many similar characters. For example, Zuo Lin in the executive sword has a strong aura, which makes the lawbreakers flinch; Xie Qiqi has a strong personality in Yuanlai happiness, which is comparable to 2.8 meters. Therefore, LV Jiarong does not lack the temperament of domineering mistress. It is undoubtedly a strong guarantee for the Chinese version of "gossip girl" to choose LV Jiarong to play queen s.

So, will you watch gossip girl?