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a false thing becomes true! Mike Angelo's Mr. swimming and Ju Jingyi

Produced by Haining century Dongyao culture media Co., Ltd., directed by Chen Mingzhang, and starred by popular idol Mike Angelo's partner Ju Jingyi, the Blue Youth inspirational drama Mr. swimming is on the air on Mango TV. For this reason, Angelo is known as a talented swimmer in the play, but he pays a lot of sweat as a swimmer. With the help of song Chacha, his good brother blue sky and the swimming team members, he gradually developed into an excellent swimmer.

The main line of the plot has gradually become clear. Bai Yongze (Mike Angelo) and song Chacha (Ju Jingyi) express their feelings to each other. Song Chacha wants Bai Yongze to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to make blue sky (Yan Yuhao) die. Bai Yongze agreed to song Cha Cha's request, but he didn't expect all kinds of strange requests. He not only wanted to announce his love in front of the public, but also wore a couple's clothes to say love words and show love. Bai Yongze is even more affectionate: "I heard the sound of heartbeat, not your heartbeat, it's mine. "As time goes by, their feelings gradually grow. After experiencing various twists and turns and inner struggles, white tea CP finally expresses her feelings and performs a super sweet kiss. In the play, Mike and Ju Jingyi play a happy couple. He once said in an interview that he would also like a lovely girl like song cha cha cha in his life. Netizens commented one after another: "then I am a lovely girl. "I am song Cha Cha! '

Can Bai Yongze's love affair with song Chacha go smoothly? The answer lies in mango TV. Make an appointment with you every Wednesday to Friday at 8:00 p.m. The idol drama variety show Prince lipstick, which is hosted by Mike Angelo as a permanent guest, is updated at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays. The highlights are in Tencent video.