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The star that belongs to me was hot in the first week of its broadcast

Jointly produced by Tencent video and Beijing Guangren Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Wang Yiqing is the chief producer, and she is writing with love in drifting, Zhang Ningnan and other writers. The fashion idol drama "the star that belongs to me" starred by Xu Haiqiao and Meng Ziyi soared in popularity in the first week of its broadcast. From excellent production, easy and realistic plot to actors with good appearance and acting skills, as well as attentive clothing matching, the play has been highly praised by netizens. They all said that they really learned a lot of entertainment knowledge by watching this play.

"The star that belongs to me" focuses on the real topic of the performing arts circle. With the opening way of the positive energy of the performing arts circle as the theme, it tells the sweet love between Shen Junyi (played by Xu Haiqiao) and Su Yan (Mencius Yi), a big star with all kinds of aura but with amazing secrets, and upright and simple Xueba Shuyan (Mencius Yi) with high intelligence quotient and low emotional quotient love story.

What's remarkable about "that touch of stars belongs to me" lies in its realistic plot and grounded content. It is different from the previous drama of performing arts circle. It does not take the ostentatious route, but pursues the reality. There is no too empty framework, it truly tells the difficulty and hardship behind the ostentatious entertainment industry. This play is not limited to the love world of men and women, but completely narrates the different circumstances of everyone in the performing arts circle. Facing the real bitterness behind the gorgeous, they insist on themselves, struggle for their dreams and career, and stick to their original intention of love and affection. In fact, young audiences have long been dissatisfied with the city drama's endless silly white sweet Marius. Instead, they prefer to advocate more down-to-earth efforts, a positive energy view of love, and a love relationship of mutual equality and common growth. The leading actors in this play also have independent personalities. They are not dependent on each other, but they support each other and grow up hand in hand. After the premiere, netizens also left comments like 'this play is too real', "this is the real story behind the entertainment industry '. It seems that the broadcast of starlight is bound to trigger a wave of hot discussions on entertainment topics.

On the one hand, the netizen make complaints about the actor's high value and superb performance, and more attracted by the costume style of the male and female players. For a time, the modeling of Tucao has also become the highest topic of discussion. In order to get closer to the role of the big star Shen Junyi, Xu Haiqiao brought a large number of private clothes into the group to shoot. Netizens said that "every piece of elder brother's clothes are so beautiful." this is just a star fashion show! Su Yan, the heroine played by Meng Ziyi, was ridiculed by netizens because of her hair color and earrings. Netizens said that starlight was just a 'show with goods', and Xu Haiqiao and Meng Ziyi formed' starlight with goods CP '.

Just one week after its first broadcast, "that touch of stars belongs to me" has attracted so much attention from netizens. I believe that with the development of the plot, the audience will see more interesting parts of the play. It is also expected that "starlight" will set off a frenzy of chasing dramas in September. Let's look forward to the fine development of the story!