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Zhang Tongfa's photo of moon cake in the Mid Autumn Festival

It's also the Mid Autumn Festival. The moon is getting round in the sky. During the Mid Autumn Festival, people eat moon cakes and pray for their families to live a happy life. Shidi Zhang Tong has also posted three photos of the Mid Autumn Festival on Weibo, and wish all brothers and sisters and relatives a happy mid autumn festival. I saw a complete moon cake playfully saying 'guess what I'm filling' which exposed Zhang Tong's small personality greatly. However, everyone's attention was on the moon cake that was bitten by one bite, which indicated that 'fierce, my brother, eat half a moon cake in one bite!' "I really want to make this moon cake, and Tongda swallowed it! 'some netizens have speculated on what kind of mooncake is: lotus seed, egg yolk or chestnut? Some netizens from the north and South even argued about whether the moon cake should be cut or bit by bit. Zhang Tong's eating method of half a piece with one bite was even debated. Netizens said that it was the northern man who was right!

Zhang Tong, the emperor of Shidi, is well known for his "Jue Ming guard division". Because of Chen Shuxiang, a tough man with a heartbroken heart and a brave and chivalrous monk Wei, Zhang Tong has always been labeled as a tough man of iron and steel. However, he also has tenderness. Zhang Tong's iron character can be perfectly controlled, and his tender and tender heart is also a true portrayal of Zhang Tong. It is reported that Zhang Tong has just finished shooting his new drama for many months in Hengdian. Netizens wonder whether he is going to rush home to reunite with his family for the Mid Autumn Festival? Zhang Tong said that it is time to enjoy the moon in the Mid Autumn Festival. Even if the imprint of the Mid Autumn Festival is all in the moon cakes covered with colorful silk, don't forget to enjoy the moon.