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Tan Weiwei's five satellite TV stations join hands with Han Lei to perform "never forget the origina

on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, Tan Weiwei also appeared in the 2018 Mid Autumn Festival Gala of "Han Feng Qiu Yue" jointly presented by Beijing Satellite TV, Oriental satellite TV, Shaanxi satellite TV and Phoenix Satellite TV, as well as the "happy moon & middot" jointly broadcast by Shenzhen satellite TV and eight national ground city channels; In the Mid Autumn Festival Gala, music is used to accompany the audience across the country to spend the festival, which is quite "dominating the screen". At the mid autumn evening party of "Han Feng Qiu Yue" broadcast by four satellite TV stations, Tan Weiwei appeared in white, just like the goddess of moon in the bright moonlight. On the stage twice, she first ignited the audience's enthusiasm with a piece of "Lighthouse", and then sang "never forget the original heart" with Han Lei to express her feelings of home and country. She was magnificent and magnificent, and showed her strength in singing. Besides, she cooperated with the beautiful dancing beauty on the scene, which was especially impressive. At the "happy moon & Mid Autumn Festival" party, Tan Weiwei was dressed in a slim uniform with a miniskirt to show her slender legs. In terms of repertoire, there are not only blah blah blah blah and miss, which blow up the stage, but also some songs that convey emotion. Lyricism and rock and roll are equally important to give audience and fans different levels of audio-visual enjoyment.