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Zhong Hanliang's Avatar walks in the wardrobe in his plays

recently, the urban healing emotional drama "cool life, can we not be sad" starred by Zhong Hanliang and Sun Yi, has been broadcast in the Golden Eagle theater of Hunan Satellite TV. Since its popularity, it has achieved a lot and has been ranked the champion of satellite TV at the same time. The play tells the story of meeting, knowing, waiting and guarding between Cheng Tianyou (Zhong Hanliang) and Jiang Sheng (Sun Yi).

In the play, Zhong Hanliang plays Cheng Tianyou, who is elegant in speech and behavior and exudes charming temperament. In the premiere of the two episodes, he changed eleven sets of styles. Moreover, each set seems to be of high value. It is in line with the setting of your childe. He is called "walking Wardrobe" by the audience. Recently, Zhong Hanliang himself also frequently appeared on the covers of major magazines to show the audience and fans his own fashion attitude, which perfectly interprets the ever-changing fashion style.

It is reported that in the plot tonight, Cheng Tianyou will continue to be tough and soft hearted, and his strength will be "sweet". What kind of surprise will your son fashion show bring to you. At 20:00 this evening, Hunan Satellite TV's Golden Eagle theater, please look forward to it.