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"Chinese Restaurant 2" Colmar's last meal

Hunan Satellite TV youth partner management variety show "Chinese Restaurant 2" will usher in the twelfth program tonight, and this season "Chinese restaurant" will also come to an end and will soon end. In nearly a month of getting along with each other, several partners started their business in the Chinese restaurant, but their business was still a little rusty at the beginning. Later, under the leadership of experienced store manager Zhao Wei, they gradually ran in to improve the taste and service quality of dishes, which played a positive role in promoting the spread of Chinese cuisine.

In the last program, Zhao Wei tried to stew pig's feet with rose and fermented bean curd. Although the taste was highly praised by Chinese guests, some guests even proposed to pack it away. But because it is not in line with the French local people's eating habits, some of the foreign guests who come to consume are cold. However, Zhao Wei, who once improved and upgraded the Shajiang chicken with mahjong, also played her unique skill of improving the taste of food in this program. She adjusted the pig's hoof with French eating habits. I wonder if the pig's hoof, which has undergone some packaging and re listing, can win the favor of the French?

In this program, store manager Zhao Wei also proposed to invite the manager, his wife and friends to come to the Chinese restaurant for the last meal to thank them for their support and help in their work. Each partner has produced their own specialty dishes to entertain guests. The landlady also praised that our service has become more and more professional, and the cooking technology has made considerable progress. That night was also the French summer solstice Music Festival. The whole town of Colmar was filled with warm and cheerful music. The members of the Chinese restaurant are also immersed in the pleasant melodies, enjoying the passion of the music festival and performing the farewell of the last meal. Zhao Wei, the store manager, finally suggested that we sing a song "goodbye": the banquet will leave words at last, and the good memories of getting along with you will remain in each other's memory.

After accompanying the audience for three months, Chinese Restaurant 2, a full 12 episodes, is about to bid farewell to you. What will be the last issue of Chinese Restaurant 2, which has brought us a lot of laughter and tears? Please pay attention to Hunan Satellite TV's "Chinese Restaurant 2", which ends at 22:00 tonight.