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Here's the shooting strategy! The coming of National Day

With the arrival of October, we once again ushered in the mother's birthday. The seven-day long holiday let many office workers and student party finally enjoy the welfare of national day. Many public figures presented sincere wishes for the national day. The stars in the entertainment circle did not miss any good opportunity, and scrambled to put their own flower blessing on October 1 Among them, Zhang Jiani, LV Jiarong, LAN YingYing and other actresses attracted the attention of netizens.

Zhang Jiani sends National Day blessing to netizens with national flag: figure is the key

Recently, Zhang Jiani, who is busy on business trip, can hardly find time to spend the National Day holiday with her family and friends at work, but she does not forget to send her blessing on her micro blog on October 1. In the micro blog picture, she holds a small national flag in her hand, which represents her full love for her motherland. She wears a white shoulder tight T-shirt, shows her good figure, and puts a pair of black sunglasses casually On the head, it seems to be traveling somewhere. Zhang Jiani's role in "Yanxi strategy" is unforgettable. Her fans leave a message on microblog that "Shun Bin is really more and more beautiful". Even netizens also boast that: full of beauty, body is the key!

Lu Jiarong National Day Po hard photo amazes netizens to send blessing and spread positive energy

On the annual birthday of the motherland, actress LV Jiarong always celebrates her mother's birthday on Weibo. This year, she sent out her wishes and wishes as usual. The content of LV Jiarong's microblog not only has the wish for the country, but also has the welfare prepared for her fans - a capable and handsome photo. In the picture, Lu Jiarong is wearing a black sleeveless tights, showing her proud career line. She is well-known for her green silk skirt. With her slender arms and delicate face, many fans said: Jiarong seems to be thin again, but her figure is really great. She has a positive driving force! LV Jiarong's upcoming TV series "my nanny manual" is attracting public attention recently. I'm looking forward to seeing her latest works.

Blue Yingying: busy SKR people

The National Day holiday is everyone's yearning. However, not everyone can enjoy the seven day holiday. LAN Yingying, an actress, is one of the representatives of workaholic. From a video released on the national day, we can see that she is wearing clothes dressed in ancient costume, holding a dog, surrounded by various animals. LAN Yingying is sitting on a small stool and complacent Qile, but from the text, she said that she was still in a busy state during the holiday, she was simply 'busy SKR people'! LAN Yingying's serious attitude of taking root in the crew is worth learning. However, it is necessary to relax herself properly. After all, the combination of work and rest is the ideal working state.