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Fan Yujun's "Legend of Su Mo'er" today's "No.1 Beauty in Horqin" comes

This evening, directed by Bai Shan, supervised by Guo Jingyu, and starred by Yan Yikuan and Du Ruoxi, and starred by Fu Dalong, Yue Lina, Liu qianhan, fan Yujun, etc., the ancient costume drama legend of Su Mo'er, directed by Bai Shan and supervised by Guo Jingyu, and starred by Fu Dalong, Yue Lina, Liu qianhan, and fan Yujun, will be on the Internet. The play tells the story of Su Mo'er, the first maid in the Qing Dynasty, who went from an ordinary shepherdess girl to a Shen Qing palace With Dourgen hand in hand with the tortuous process.

"The first beauty of Horqin" NOMIN vs. Su Mo'er, the first maid in the Qing Dynasty

This is not only a little-known history of women's growth, but also a collection of many buried in the heart and unforgettable love story. It is also the first Qing Dynasty drama performed by Du Ruoxi and Yan Yikuan. The love drama between the two will surely turn over a lot of netizens. In addition to Su Mo'er and Dourgen's love of life and death, Dourgen and Huang Taiji's brotherhood, there are also a variety of stories about the great changes from sister love to feud between naomin and Su Mo'er.

The role of "Horqin's first beauty" is played by mainland powerful actress fan Yujun. She was adopted by Su Mo'er's family and grew up with Su Mo'er. Originally, she was the most beloved grassland beauty. She was once simple and kind, but after suffering humiliation and tribulation, she finally collapsed and became a resourceful girl who coveted power and glory. She longed for love, but she had been losing love Arm to arm, is a multi-faceted character that makes people love, pity and hate.

Fan Yujun's role of contrast arouses expectation

Judging from the posters and stills exposed at present, no matter whether she is dressed in clean clothes and has a dignified and beautiful picture in her eyes, a innocent girl with a smile on the grassland, or a gorgeous beauty with tears in her eyes, all of them show the rough experience of naomin, the first beauty of Horqin. In the early stage, she was a typical ignorant girl, innocent, lively and lovely, and her inner world in the later stage At the time of reversion, she was also a woman with dark heart hidden under her flowery face.

Fan Yujun, through different eyes and subtle expressions, interprets the role of "great change of character" with different temperament. He interprets the process of "No.1 Beauty of Horqin" gradually blackened after suffering. Fan Yujun's interpretation of strong role transformation and the attempt of diversified characters also make many audiences full of expectations Qi "iqiyi shocked online, fan Yujun 'normin' will be with you!