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"New dance forest conference" finals will be broadcast Sheng Yilun positive energy theme dance won p

The program "new dance forest conference" jointly created by Oriental satellite TV and Canxing will usher in the finals at 21:00 tonight. Sheng Yilun, who has won a lot of praise on the stage, turned into "black swan" in the last program. He performed the affectionate dance of combining hardness and softness. During this period, he was able to complete several difficult lifts with ease. Compared with the elimination of the first phase of insurance, Sheng Yilun has witnessed his magnificent transformation on the stage.

It is worth mentioning that the finals were broadcast just before the national day. Sheng Yilun was dressed in red with Chinese elements. The dance music "I love you China" integrated his lyric dance into the song, which not only spread positive energy, but also made the audience sigh: "see the boy in red again.". In addition, after a lot of fighting, in order to select the real tacit combination, the finals also set up a special impromptu battle link, according to random music, regardless of the type of dance. Since the broadcast of the program, Sheng Yilun and Zhang Yashu have a tacit understanding of the dance, so in the face of this link, Sheng Yilun's group is more able to deal with it calmly.

Sheng Yilun also revealed in an interview: "I like dancing, and at the same time, it expresses one's soul with body and emotion. It really lets me grasp and feel it". At the same time, Sheng Yilun's hard work shows us his enthusiasm for dancing. It is out of this mentality that he can leave no regrets on every stage. Will Sheng Yilun continue the surprise when the finals of the new dance club begin tonight? Please look forward to Dongfang satellite TV's 21:00 new dance forest conference.