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My neighbor can't sleep by Xue Cheng

Recently, led by Chen Yixin, Chu San, Xue Cheng, Ma xueyang, Yang Ke, Guo Xinting and other 95 year olds, Gao Tian's online drama "my neighbor can't sleep", which has experienced more than a month's hard work and finally completed successfully. The story mainly tells the story of Xi song, a pianist who is deeply troubled by insomnia, and the sweet love story of song miduo, a girl who dreams of becoming a romantic novelist and is gradually cured in the process of getting along. For the first time, a group of Gao Yan's stills, fresh faces, youth lineup, female host song miduo and male chairman song sweet are in the same frame, indicating that Gao Tian's love is about to open.

The first batch of stills show that Chen Yixin, Xue Cheng, is adorable

In the exposed series of stills, the actors appeared in all shapes, playing the warm frame on the sofa with Chen Yixin and Chu San of song Mido, the male chairman, and the female leader. In the state of reading side by side, the female leader sleeps on the shoulder of the male leader. The scene is very warm and romantic, hitting the girl's heart directly, which seems to reveal the coming of Gao Tian's plot. Xue Cheng's picture of Lu Yi riding a small motorcycle to take song Mido out also makes the audience think about their relationship. Ma xueyang's agent, Liang Ge, is dressed in a gorgeous suit with sunglasses in his eyes and looks down at the picture of his mobile phone. He is very handsome, as if he is a fashion president who is busy with business affairs. His elite temperament is endless. Xiao MI, played by Yang Ke, goes hand in hand with song miduo. There is no doubt that her relationship is confirmed. There are also scenes of song Mido's family gathering with friends, and a group photo of song Mido holding hands with other leading actors on the shop bench, which can be felt across the screen as a relaxed and joyful comic atmosphere. Although there are many new faces in the stills, the character's personality is distinct, the relationship between the characters is clear and clear, and there is no dog blood drama. Family, friendship and love are full of strong youth atmosphere and full of positive energy. Such a harmonious painting style must be another god drama suitable for both the old and the young, which is very attractive.

Focus on youth, create sweet but not tired inspirational love

The play focuses on small and beautiful sweet play of youth, and experiences a wonderful love in love with "human shaped pillow". The main point of the play is to cultivate CP daily for men and women. Xue Cheng, a new star star in the movie industry, plays the role of Lu Yiyou. He is a warm-hearted boy who silently guards the hostess. In the face of his love for many years, he is always afraid to stand up for confession. He always guards her in a playful and cynical manner, making himself the most understanding person in the world.

It is reported that Xue Cheng was born on October 3, 1997 in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, with a height of 182cm, and graduated from the Conservatory of music of Shandong Normal University. Xue Cheng's appearance is fresh and handsome, and the screen is full of youth and sunshine. Once the stills are exposed, they gain a lot of affirmation. Netizens say that they completely restore the "Lu Yi you" in the readers' mind. Not only that, through Xue Cheng's microblog, we also found that in real life, he is a sweetheart Department warm man, sunny, real and lovely.

The play is supervised by sun Chengzhi, directed by Tian Tian, a young director, and directed by Hu Meng, who is the chief screenwriter. It is reported that at present, the play has officially entered the tense post production stage, and the novel of the same name has also officially entered the Chinese online literature and Literature Conference. For the sweet play of Su fried girl's heart, netizens have said they are waiting to feed, let's wait and see.