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Huang Weide, Hui Yinghong, assisted in "I am an actor" netizen: all the acting troupes are here! (pi

"I'm an actor" is about to enter the fourth issue. The topic and heat are flying together. There's no pressure on the contract hot search. In addition to the sharp comments of Zhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng and Wu Xiubo, there are also famous directors such as Chen Kaige, Xu Anhua and Jia Zhangke. The actors also have their own tricks, which are brilliant.

It's worth noting that the cast of supporting guests in this season are all acting groups. Zhang Ziyi had a wonderful cooperation before. Netizens also revealed that in the fifth episode, Huang Weide, a powerful actress, was invited to help perform Li Nian and Wang Xiaochen, and in the sixth episode, Hong Kong legendary actress Hui Yinghong was invited. As soon as the news came out, netizens' expectations soared, saying: 'Huang Weide and Hui Yinghong are both real actors. The program team can invite them, so the standard of selecting actors is rising.! '

Speaking of Huang Weide, it's really a masterpiece, which is highly praised by the audience. Huang Weide was once a popular young student in Taiwan. He has always been a gentle and handsome person. In 2004, when he was transferred to the mainland, he performed brilliantly in various types of opera, such as the Republic of China Opera, Qing palace opera, fashion drama, martial arts drama, mythology drama, etc., with a wide play path and a split acting skill. He has become a hot and powerful actor in the mainland by virtue of many hot plays, such as the new Three Kingdoms, langyabang, legend of Kaifeng mansion and hunting shadow of anti terrorist special forces. His performance is delicate, also good and evil, and numerous fans. Last season, many netizens wanted Huang Weide to participate in "I am an actor". This season finally came true.

Another important guest, Hui Yinghong, may not have been heard by some young audiences, but she can be called a miracle in the history of Hong Kong film. She is the best actress of the first Hong Kong Film Awards and the first film queen in the history of Hong Kong Film Awards. She is a powerful actress who can be compared with the movie queen of Zhang Manyu, ye Dexian and Xiao Fangfang. Netizens saw the performance boss on the stage and said: 'do the judges dare to comment? 'I can't help but look forward to the drama of the big guys. I'll be the actor next.