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Hu Jun's "shadow" won the praise of "hero model" at the Beijing premiere, and personally designed th

Yesterday, the film "film" held its premiere in Beijing. Director Zhang Yimou, together with film creators Deng Chao, Sun Li, Zheng Kai, Hu Jun, Wang Jingchun, Guan Xiaotong and Wu Lei, successively appeared to share the film's production process and interesting behind the scenes stories with the media and audience friends.

Hu Jun was dressed in a black suit, with a great momentum, just like General Yang Cang in the movie, who was very heroic and had the spirit of king. From the trailer, General Yang Cang is not many positive images in the film, not only brave and good at fighting, but also exudes noble and righteous spirit. Director Zhang Yimou commented on the performances of the main creators. When referring to Hu Jun, he used the word "hero". From the characters he played, we can see that the Chinese people adhere to the etiquette style and have another kind of heroic feelings. In addition, Hu Jun also revealed at the scene that "although he had played many heroic roles and also made fighting scenes, this was the first time he played a big knife and an umbrella collision". I don't know what kind of surprise the 'general' who cooperates with director Zhang Yimou this time will bring us. It's very expected.

Hu Jun and the creators at the conference not only talked about the behind the scenes story, but also specially designed a fashion brand sweater as a gift for the film. Thank you, director Zhang, for giving everyone a big gift when he was finished, so he gave everyone his own heart back, which was loved by the creators! Because of the limited production time, Hu Jun also joked: 'if the media audience friends like it, they can go to tmall on their own', which made people laugh constantly. Out of the movie, Hu Jun is sometimes brave and charming, sometimes amiable and cute. He can't help but wonder what kind of surprise Hu Jun will bring to the audience in the movie.

It is reported that the film was widely praised by foreign media at the premiere of Venice and Toronto Film Festival. At present, more than 200000 people want to see the cat eye and the tickets, ranking first in the National Day film. Many people are looking forward to Hu Jun's image of "general" again. On September 30, the movie will be released in full swing. Let's look forward to Hu Jun's wonderful performance in the movie.