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"Little farewell" sequel "little joy" power on little child star Wu Yunling strength to join (pictur

"Little joy", a TV series produced by Ningmeng film industry and jointly produced by Yili Yangtze River, recently opened in Beijing. Wang Jun, director of the original cast of "little farewell", starred Huang Lei, Haiqing, Wu Yunling and Zhou Qi. "Little farewell" focuses on social topics such as parents and children, education, people's livelihood and so on. It is a popular realism drama in 2016. The topic upgrade of the new "little joy" will continue to show the happiness, anger, sorrow and happiness of Chinese college entrance examination families in a panoramic way from the perspective of "Fangyuan" and "tongwenjie", and also reflect the different dilemmas faced by thousands of urban families in China.

Born as a ballet dancer, she plays the role of school flower

Wu Yunling, a typical Post-00 Changsha girl, was admitted to Guangzhou ballet at a young age. She has the face of national first love and a rare swan neck. She has won the favor of many fans and directors. After shooting the ancient love song, she was invited by the ancient sword fantasy, but she politely refused to give priority to her studies. Now she returns to the public with little joy.

Chance to participate in the cooperation of "ancient love song" Huang Xiaoming

Wu Yunling was chosen by chance to play the role of little Liao Ruo when she was studying in Guangzhou ballet. At the age of 15, she first reasoned with her mother and tried to do what she liked. From then on, he embarked on the road of performing arts. Some say she is like little Yang Zi, some say she is like Tang Wei, but she is herself, a brave and strong dreamer.

Give up entertainment time for the play, and prepare the whole holiday carefully before turning on

Wu Yunling, who had just finished the college entrance examination in early June, joined the pre drama selection and training. Giving up the time of traveling abroad, Changsha and Beijing worked hard for their roles for two months in a row. In the middle of the course, the body was not fit, the fever was 39 degrees, and the training was still carried out. It can be said that it was the "desperate" Sanlang after 00, who was determined to be a young girl.

In the future, I believe you will bring us a better wuyunling!