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New version of Luding full screen long legs netizen: Zhang Yishan control it? (picture and text)

As Jin Yong's masterpiece, the story of the deer tripod is self-evident in its classicality. It is also a long-lasting adaptation theme. There are eight versions of the remake film and television works. Now, the story of the deer tripod is about to be remade for the ninth time and produced into 60 episodes of TV series with a shooting period of 24 months. This time, Wei Xiaobao, the hero, will be starred by Zhang Yishan, the famous young student, and seven of them will be starred His wife was played by Yang Zi, zining, Suqing, Gao Yuer, Bai Xue, You Jingru and Xu Dongdong.

Seven beauties are all beautiful in appearance, acting, and figure. They have shown good figure in different movies and TV plays. They are full of long legs on the screen, which makes people envious. Many netizens tease Wei Xiaobao's role as Zhang Yishan: seven beauties fight for splendor in front of you every day. Have you mastered Xiaobao? Among them, Tong Nian, played by Yang Zi in the new play "stewed squid with honey", is a beautiful woman. She is not only called the curtilage goddess, but also has two long legs. It can't help but make people think of what the roles of ako and Chen Yuanyuan in the new version of "Lu Ding Ji" will look like.

Zining, one of the young rocket girls of the new women's group, will play the role of Shuanger in the new edition of Luding. In creation 101, zining is a representative of white, beautiful and long legs. Recently, the main creative team of "Yanxi strategy" went to Hong Kong to carry out publicity activities. Er Qing Su Qing will compete with the audience with her long legs, and she will also play Princess Jianning in the new version of Luding; Gao yu'er will be attractive with her good figure in zhenhun, and she will play Fang Yi in the new version of Luding.

Bai Xue plays Daji in her new play "the Apocalypse of the gods", who is beautiful and beautiful. In her private life, she often basks in her long legs. You Jingru will play Zeng Rou in the new version of "the deer tripod". When she attends an activity, she will show off her small sexy shoulders and her long legs are very popular. Xu Dongdong will play Su in the new version of "the deer tripod" Tsuen, Su Tsuen was originally charming in the seven beauties, and the 'silly elder sister' Sasha, played by Xu Dongdong in the hot film "the richest man in Xihong city", attracted attention with her good figure and long legs, which was unforgettable.

In addition, in the new edition of "Lu Ding Ji", Fu Chengpeng will play the role of Chen Jingnan, the chief helmsman of Tiandi society, Liu Enshang as Hai Dafu, Hong Yao as Zheng Keshuang, Wang Guanyi as Wu Yingxiong, Zhang Jincheng as the leader of the church, Wang Yan as abbess Jiunan, Tan Zhuo as the empress dowager, Dai Chunrong as Wei Chunhua, Qin Yan as Wu Sangui, Su Mao as Feng Xifan, Shen Baoping as Ao Byebye, other roles will be announced in succession. Please pay attention.