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Xie Na's wife's romantic journey: a happy messenger is tired

Romance never stops, happy new departure, mango TV's "wife's romantic journey" is updated on time at 12:00 this Wednesday, and the "wife group" led by the leader, Xie Na, arrives at the next stop of the romantic journey, namely Budapest, which is called "Paris of Eastern Europe" and "Rose of Danube". A brand new journey unfolds in the warm atmosphere of healing as always. The fresh and beautiful scenery touches everyone's heart and makes the audience friends' body is still moving, heart is far away ', shout' want to go '

After several sessions of the program, Xie Na, as the head of the group, became more and more adept at the arrangement of the schedule and the care of the members. She was the first to rush up to solve the problems for others when she was asked for directions and ordered meals. Her responsible and responsible appearance was widely praised. In this program, in order to strengthen the cooperation among members, the program team arranged the task of "looking for the online red card punching place". Under the leadership of Xie Na, several people successfully arrived at the landmark scenic spots of Budapest, such as fisherman's castle, parliament building, Princess CICI's favorite dessert shop, chain bridge, etc., and also took a pleasant ride in an old car. While completing the task perfectly, they enjoyed the exotic scenery and brought the audience Feel the word 'romantic'.

As the sky turned dark, the wives' sightseeing of the day gradually came to an end. The dinner time of the ancient castle was arranged as scheduled. In the dead of night, several people met face-to-face and talked with each other sincerely. In the meantime, Xie Na revealed that "happy base camp" almost turned into an interview program, which made everyone laugh; however, after laughing, when Wei Dahun, her apprentice, said about Xie Na's performance in work, he said, "master, you are too tired" and poked at her heart. As the first sister of the mainland variety show, Xie Na always brings joy to everyone on the stage. Most of the audience are grateful for the happy giver, but some people only think that the other party is a joke, and the voice of disrespect and disapproval is heartbreaking. In "wife's romantic journey", Xie Na shows a totally different side. Her gentle and warm heart is in great contrast to the humorous image that she has been trying to spread laughter and laughter. This real appearance also makes people more understand the efforts and fatigue behind her stage, which can't help but be heartbroken.

The sun goddess, who only brings happiness, is worthy of respect. Now she radiates healing energy and is also loved. "Wife's romantic journey" has been expected to soar all the way since its broadcast, waiting for more wonderful performance of Xie Na.