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Farewell to Wang Lichuan, by Huang Baijun, ended yesterday with a perfect ending (picture and text)

Zhou Tian is the producer, Shi dingrou is the original writer, and the online play goodbye to Wang Lichuan starring Huang Baijun and Li Meng officially ended yesterday (September 26). After four years, Li Qiu and his wife met again, and finally got a perfect ending in the expectation of all -- to prove that the birth of a child is more happy with the birth of a dragon and a Phoenix. And Huang Baijun, the actor of Wang Lichuan, presents a real sense of dreamlike love. Wang Lichuan, who has experienced the wind and frost, also gains the support of one netizen, known as "the warmest boyfriend this autumn".

"Leqiu and his wife" have a perfect ending

"Goodbye to Wang Lichuan" and the previous work "meet Wang Lichuan" are seamlessly linked, starting from the reunion of the hero and heroine Wang Lichuan (Huang Baijun) and Xie Xiaoqiu (Li Meng) "move on" four years later. After encountering each other again, Li Qiu and his wife finally recognize their inner feelings and decide to get married and face life and death together. Marriage is the end of this sincere relationship. Although the show turns its perspective to reality in the form of 'fake documentary', and after marriage, it also faces such problems as the poor physical condition of Lichuan and the difficult pregnancy of Xiaoqiu through IVF (test tube baby) technology, but the other details of sugar spraying interaction of 'Lichuan couple' are also enjoyed by netizens. In the play, when the two meet again, Xiaoqiu deliberately chokes on Lichuan: 'I think in this life, you may not be my boyfriend. But it doesn't matter. My father's position is just vacant. You can think about fighting for it. "Li Chuan's reply in Mandarin is not very standard:" Hu Chui (pull)! 'and two people in an interview, Lichuan explained a series of architectural design knowledge, Xiaoqiu joked:' you see, he is a very roundabout person. 'and it's these daily bickering and loving eyes that make the story of the whole play more like the love that will happen in reality, simple and eloquent.

Huang Baijun is praised as' the warmest boyfriend this autumn 'speaks English

Before the great success of meet Wang Lichuan, Huang Baijun's version of Wang Lichuan aroused the sensational attention of the original book fans and all the netizens as early as the start of the play. After the eight episodes of the whole play went online, in addition to their own male appearance and ABC growth experience, they also won the recognition of the audience by their vivid and meticulous interpretation. Before that, a video clip of Wang Lichuan announcing the winning list of the design competition in English was spread on the Internet. Many netizens commented that he had been bombed by the English accent of Huang Baijun. More fans said: 'you say, & lsquo; you've been living in the water these years, and you finally know that the only person who can pull you ashore is me & rsquo;. Huang Baijun, you are like a river in my heart. Thank you for helping me realize this dream. 'after separating the two places, Wang Lichuan, who has experienced the wind and frost, has the stability close to reality, which is in line with Huang Baijun's performance, and is also the most moving part of this edition of Wang Lichuan.

"Goodbye to Wang Lichuan" is over. The 'Liqiu couple' wrote a happy ending. Huang Baijun, who was praised as' the warmest boyfriend this autumn ', also released his warm masculinity in many other works. Netflix's home-made play "the tale of two cities" starred by him is on the air. The online play "trembling bar Abe 2" has been officially launched on September 27. The TV play "while we are still young" starring Zhang Yunlong, Qiao Xin, Liu Ruilin, Huang Mengying and other actors will soon be presented.