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Voice of memory: Bai zuogang's ear blindness national tour (picture and text)

He and his band used music to lift countless ceilings, including your eardrums and your heart, which could not resist every note he shouted. Listen to monochromatic juvenile Bai Jingang's tears and frantic vent, and enjoy the music scene replayed over and over again. In October 2018, Bai Jingang proved that music is a very pure thing with the most sincere feelings, serious attitude and absolute strength voice. The voice of memory, here, invites you to come to dry the entire scene!

The voice of memory, which gives us a bend of living water, is not only the source of inspiration, but also the continuation of the impact of strength. It inspires resonance from the chest and the deep memory. Whether it's recalling the green cardamom, or remembering the gorgeous turn under the spotlight, 'the voice of memory', remembering the meaning and friendship, recording those people and lines singing with their souls The voice of the team's feelings, the sound of memory stage in the past beautiful voice, remember a kind of nostalgia and music brought love and moving. Adhere to the self, not only the impetuosity of the times, for the originality and strength of the creative voice, guard the original classic a true. Hold up a microphone of freedom and love for the musicians who stick to the faith of music!

The original intention of the voice of memory to protect music will not change, but it also needs more energy sources, unity of more strength, to support the soul of music; it also makes more deep love for music burn into an immortal classic!

"Sometimes, when we are on the road of pursuing our dreams, there may be many beautiful scenes blocking us. We must see all the beautiful things, learn to choose and strive for our own ideals! '-- white outline

Bai Jigang, composer and actor, started his career in 2013. He released his personal albums "juvenile white" and "weeds". He also released dozens of singles, such as "going home on a broken boat", "the circle", "so and so", "621". He sang the theme song "doomed" for the TV play "the story of heaven selection" with Zhou Bichang, and wrote and sang the theme song "don't say goodbye" for the movie "say go, don't say goodbye" 》。

Bai Jigang's 2018 new creation "ear blindness" was jointly produced by Bai Jigang and Erik Ron, the top American music producer. David bendeth, a mixer of 50 platinum records, created it. Bai Jigang himself covers almost all the words and songs. Bai Jigang's thinking attitude, cultural concept of not following the trend, and his amazing talent in music production are all reflected in this album. When you see the impact of aesthetic color is always irresistible, the monochromatic youth marks the restless youth and the hormone of walking through Dadaism attitude.

In the first chapter of ear blindness, young white children's heart and morale return, the symphony of "intro", "farewell" and "Gong Chou" produces a red Sonata, while in the second chapter, "saochiboy's coquettish boy", "ear blindness" and "landing" produces a Blue Lyric to symbolize the ambition of holding back the raging red children; The third chapter "one punch", "arranged life" and "sinking" are the symphonic "green" color humorists, the soul of a naked child, with a dream in mind; the fourth chapter "when I see you", "good medicine", "really?" is that even if you are alone, you have to walk alone in the "white" color.

When you see the impact of aesthetic color is always irresistible, I will mark the restless youth and the hormone of walking through the expressionist attitude. There are 12 masterpieces in the whole album. The music is divided into four chapters to unlock: four independent color blocks "red", "blue", "green" and "white". Listen to your inner voice. This is the scream you want. This is the climax I want to hear. When you wake up, you can see the graffiti on his soul; the monochromatic juvenile Bai zuogang is eager to dedicate his voice to you & hellip; & hellip;

This is what you want to scream & hellip; hellip;

This is the climax I want to hear & hellip; & hellip;

In front of the dream is the devout youth,

When you wake up, you can see the graffiti on his soul.

Monochromatic youth -- Bai Jigang's dream is to dedicate his voice to you & hellip; & hellip;

It's better to meet than to miss! Since the heart for a long time, must seize the opportunity, do not let the crowded waiting line become the missed regret, do not let the lack of tickets show the most heartfelt pain! So, grab the ticket! That's the right way!

The artists of the performance series of voice of memory brand are good voices that have persisted for a long time and have been silent for a long time. They sing attentively to remind you how to listen attentively to your time footprints. The performance scene of voice of memory brings us not only an ordinary performance, but also an immersive audio-visual feast.