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Three views of love and marriage in the hot shoot of the story telling: a sketch of love and marriag

A few days ago, the love idol drama "raising a case with purple eyebrows and purples" starring sun Yihan, Zhang Hansheng, Li Cui, Guo Yan, Yang Kun, Miao Haojun, Hong Jiantao, Li Ying, Tian Miao, Zhang Lei, Xi Heli, etc. is in hot shooting. The drama not only has fresh flowers and meat with good looks and acting skills, but also is the old drama bones of Yunji, which tells the love stories of three CP pairs represented by Fang Tang and Du sifan It focuses on the different views of marriage and love of young people, trying to use new stories to output positive energy of "dare to marry" to contemporary young people, so that they can regain the vision and confidence of love for marriage. As a sister of the producer Hou Yanjun's classic "how much love can come back", the quality of the play is beyond doubt, and the third part of the series is ready to start next year, which is really expected.

Three lines parallel telling wonderful stories three views of love and marriage sketch the floating world of love and marriage

As an idol drama of love, the difference is that it does not simply tell a love story, but gradually unfolds around the marriage story of three women. They also represent the views and attitudes of contemporary young people towards love and marriage: Fang Tang, the heroine played by sun Yihan, has accepted the proposal of dusfan, who has no more than several connections after losing love, She has become the representative of "dare to marry"; Fang yinle, the sister of Fang Tang, played by Li Cui, is the typical representative of "if you don't fall in love, you will die"; and Fang Tang's girlfriend, played by Guo Yan, fan Jiani, on the contrary, has become the typical representative of a large number of "fear of marriage" families under the influence of parents' marriage failure. The three people's different views of marriage and love, but also with their own different real situation of constant friction and collision, such as' dare to marry 'Fang sugar is facing with high cold rich second generation flash marriage after all kinds of stumbling, love supremacy Fang yinle fell into the dilemma of no one can marry, and' fear of marriage 'fan Jiani encountered the real contradiction of parents constantly forced marriage. Three groups of major dramatic conflicts interweave and perform, sketching out a contemporary young people's love and marriage painting. I believe that the audience of the play, especially the young audience, will find their own shadow in the play, and have a strong resonance with the characters in the play. In the end, what kind of ending will the story of the people in the play go to? Their long held view of love and marriage will come after so many stories All sorts of questions about what kind of changes have been made have caught the audience's appetite.

The drama of good quality focuses on the positive energy of social reality and explores the essence of marriage

Love is the basis of marriage, family is the cell of society, and the change of marriage and love concept affects the change of spouse selection standard, and the stability of family and society. At present, different views of love and marriage are parallel in the society. Many young people are more confused about their attitudes towards love and marriage. The TV play "the case is full of purple, eyebrows and purples" is just to grasp the social reality that different marriage and love views collide with each other. It takes three female characters with three different marriage and love views as the main line of the story, and finally reveals the ultimate essence of love and marriage to the audience through the unconventional story trend. So the question is, what is the essence? I believe that the audience can only find the answer from the drama. However, as Hou Yanjun, the producer of the play, said, "marriage is actually a very simple form of combination. Whether marriage is happy or not has no absolute relationship with how much material it has. I hope that through this play, I can convey to the audience a kind of positive energy to face marriage bravely and love bravely". I believe in the true meaning of marriage contained in the TV play "raising a case with a beautiful face" It will turn into a warm, kind and healing positive energy, bringing thinking and guidance to the confused young generation