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Delireba was named Asia's No. 1 beauty. Liu Yifei, Quan Zhixian and Ju Jingyi were also on the list?

Among the female stars in today's entertainment circle, Dili Reba, a little flower from the mainland, is very outstanding in appearance, temperament and popular acting skills. Since she entered the performance circle, Reba has a smooth and smooth way. Recently, she has been rated as "the most beautiful in Asia". At the same time, Quan Zhixian, Qiu Cixuan, Liu Yifei, Du Juan, Lin Yun, Xu Dongdong, Meng Meiqi, Zhou Jie are on the list Qiong, Ju Jingyi (ranking in no particular order), etc.

As the "first beauty in Asia", delireba is just like a beautiful girl coming out of comics. She is so thin with her head raised and back raised. She can easily switch between romantic pure beauty and playful cute. Being nice is willful and calls for sweet Reba! However, Quan Zhixian, 35, is still full of girlhood and is still in love. Today's goddess has become the mother of two children, but the years seem to be right for her Especially gentle, not only the body is still good enough to explode, from the inside out exudes the light of self-confidence, but also beautiful people can not open their eyes.

When it comes to qiucixuan, many netizens will say that she is a beautiful woman. Born in 1979, qiucixuan has no trace of time. She is elegant and beautiful. Although she is Korean, her fluent Chinese and her natural charm of Oriental women make her very popular in China. I believe that everyone is very familiar with the fairy like Liu Yifei. She has a fairy temperament and is known as the fairy sister. Now, the 33 year old Liu Yifei is a little less pure and lovely, but a little more mature and sexy. No matter what type of Liu Yifei, she can be popular with fans.

When it comes to cuckoo, most people's first impression is "senior", which seems to be a new label in the recent fashion world. She is different. She said that she hopes to be far away from the adjective "senior". As she wishes, even if she is far away from the adjective "senior", her beauty is also independent of the world and does not mix a bit of red tape. As an actress after the Ninth Five-Year Plan, Lin Yun has obvious advantages in her age. She is young, energetic and vigorous. She is like a treasure waiting to be excavated. She is tall and attractive.

Xu Dongdong, the elder sister-in-law who came out of Yu sin, has a unique beauty and sexuality. In Xihong city's richest man, which is currently on the air, she makes the unique charm and humor of "silly elder sister" Sasha bloom incisively and vividly. She has the beauty of the age of beauty. She has the atmosphere and elegance of the oriental girls, the beauty of which is very close, touching, shocking and beautiful This is Xu Dongdong, a natural beauty, who can make people linger without any disguise or too much decoration.

Meng Meiqi is undoubtedly the C person in charge of rocket girl 101. She has a great appearance and strength. She is a fairy with full vitality when she smiles. Her smile is very sweet and friendly. When she doesn't laugh, she immediately changes a kind of temperament, cool when there is no expression. Maybe many people are still unfamiliar with Zhou Jieqiong's name, and those who know Zhou Jieqiong must know that she is a Chinese female singer, born in 1998, from Zhejiang Province. At the age of 13, she once worked as an intern in South Korea. Her beauty is very recognizable, just like a girl next door. She is dignified, elegant, fashionable and fairy.

You will be attracted by her cold and refined air when you see Ju Jingyi for the first time. In snh8, she is a girl idol with outstanding singing and dancing, and the private little Ju is a girl who is straightforward and likes to stay at home and watch plays. She is like a girl next door suddenly turning into a stage darling, which makes you surprised and can't help but cast your eyes on her again and again. In your mind, who is the most beautiful of them?