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"Flatterer" Xu jie'er won the "most in the vanguard" award of golden seagull Film Festival (picture

Xu Jieer attends the golden seagull Film Festival

On September 26, artists such as Guo pinchao, Chen Haomin, Xu Jieer, Guo Junchen and Madonna attended the eve ceremony of the third Golden seagull international new media film and television week. Xu jie'er, an actor, was selected as the third Golden seagull international new media film and television week for her brilliant interpretation of the role of "beautiful without borders". Xu jie'er constantly tries new roles, challenges and breaks through herself, improves her understanding and interpretation of roles while honing her acting skills, and then promotes the production of many high-quality works. In "Dolphin Bay lover", she is the overbearing and proud female star Shen Manqing. In the Northern Shaanxi man, she is a female soldier of the Eighth Route Army. She is a shrewd and independent strong woman in every brilliant day of life. In the recently popular "the enchanter has no boundaries", she is the overlord City Lord who loves madmen for her whole life. Xu jie'er, who can always accurately portray every image and endow each character with different Charms through performance, is really worthy of the "most in the vanguard" award.

Xu Jieer won the most in Pioneer Award

Xu Jieer's on-the-spot speech said: 'this is my new breakthrough and attempt. The most real performance is the most moving. "Beautiful without borders" was very well received after the broadcast, but also see the evaluation of netizens said that their role is a heartbreaking villain, very grateful to get the title. At the same time, I would like to thank the producer, director and crew for their hard work, which gave me the chance to win this award. '

Xu Jieer attends golden seagull international new media film week

In the next new work "peerless double pride", Xu jie'er will challenge Tu Jiao Jiao, one of the top ten villains in the works of Gu Long, who are both male and female, righteous and evil. From the first attempt at the ancient costume drama "the enchanter has no boundaries" to "the peerless double pride" Tu Jiaojiao, Xu jie'er once again tries to play a challenging new role. She doesn't mind her role as a madman, or turning around to be a "tough player", or her role as a sophist. It can be seen that Xu jie'er, who has been transformed from a creative singer and emerged from Taiwan's idol drama, has already shed the burden of idol and become a real professional actor. Each role strives to give itself a new experience and give the audience a new feeling. The most in you, continue to be a pioneer with your heart.