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Zhang Xiaolong won the best actor of golden maple leaf Film Festival to subvert the new image of ele

Recently, the film "live broadcast" produced by Yingda media won the "best feature film" of 2018 Canada golden Maple Leaf International Film Festival, and the star Zhang Xiaolong won the "best actor" award for his role of "kerisheng". It is reported that the film "live broadcast" starred by Zhang Xiaolong, subverted the image of the refined and challenged the new criminal police for the first time, and was really worthy of the honor.

It is reported that the golden Maple Leaf International Film Festival is an international film festival brand strongly supported and focused by the three levels of government of Canada, province and city, and the film Bureau of the State Administration of radio, film and television of China. It is an international platform for promoting cultural exchanges between Chinese and Western films. For the first time, Zhang Xiaolong challenges a screen image that is different from the previous roles. In the film, he plays officer Ke Risheng, who is gentle in the face of his girlfriend and calm and rational in the face of robbers. Break people's stereotype of tough cops.

Zhang Xiaolong has been known for playing the role of "Wen Chushi" and "Wen Taiyi" in the legend of Zhen Huan. He is also the first person to guide etiquette in China. He was once the etiquette design of popular TV series "Legend of Zhen Huan", "Legend of MI Yue", "strategies for extending the age of the new year". Now, the popular "Legend of Ruyi" is also Zhang Xiaolong's film and television works as the etiquette guidance. It is reported that the online drama Tang Zhuan, with Zhang Xiaolong as art director and producer, will be broadcast in the near future. Please look forward to it.