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"Prince lipstick" hit "mudslide" Dai Jingyao's partner Wang Ju burst into laughter (picture and text

Prince lipstick, a variety show co hosted by Dai Jingyao, Mike, Qin Fen and Fei Qiming under the leadership of he Jiong, is on the air in Tencent video. Wang Ju was invited to be a new female guest in yesterday's program. Dai Jingyao and Wang Ju, Prince Gao Tian, have produced wonderful chemical reactions repeatedly, which has triggered a lot of laughs.

Dai Jingyao and Wang Ju reappear the physique of "Zhu GUSHENG"

In this program, Dai Jingyao and Wang Ju performed a sitcom, which caused the audience to laugh. When Wang Ju fell down on the road, Dai Jingyao didn't help her for the first time, but went to check the mobile phone and computer that fell on the ground. After confirming that the mobile phone and computer were all safe, Dai Jingyao was busy making a phone call to let people smooth the road, ignoring Wang Ju who fell on the side completely, and the performance of "puzzled style" reappeared Note Gu Sheng's physique, netizens can't help crying out 'I love sister Ju'. In the program, Dai Jingyao also made fun of Geng straight 'insert knife' Ju for many times, laughing a lot. However, Dai Jingyao's lovely response also won the favor of many audiences, and made a circle of fans in an instant.

Dai Jingyao's willful eye makeup is angry with Wang Ju

In the makeup part of the program, Dai Jingyao, who is still wearing his own "mudflow" style, gave Wang Juhua a pink eye shadow and painted his eye shadow. He Jiong and other princes on the field couldn't help laughing when they saw Dai's extravagant make-up technique, which made Wang Ju frightened and angry. Dai Jingyao continued to make up according to his own will, but the overall effect of the makeup finally presented was recognized by the audience.

Can Dai Jingyao get rid of the title of "make-up little white" in the next program? Which Prince will the prince medal cost? Please watch the variety show "Prince of lipstick" broadcast by Tencent video at 12 noon every Tuesday on time!