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"Breaking through the sky" Xiao Yan's farewell to Li Qin, the little doctor, is heartbreaking (pictu

The first season of the fantasy and inspirational youth growth drama "breaking through the sky" is still on the air. Li Qin's xiaoyixian and Wu Lei's Xiaoyan are constantly throwing sugar. If they don't agree with each other, they will act coquettishly, hug and fly high, which makes a lot of netizens shout "Yanxian CP is sweet". However, in the latest episode, xiaoyixian and Xiaoyan are temporarily separated. Before leaving, xiaoyixian's heartache and crying make the net angry Friends are in great pain.

"Yan Xian CP" sweet farewell, Li Qin's cry is heartbreaking

In the latest updated plot of "breaking through the sky", Xiao Yan secretly practiced the soul hall skill to learn "soul separation" in order to save the elder Tengshan. Before the action, he specifically said goodbye to the little medical immortal and ice emperor, and gave the little medical immortal the elixir for curing the "mortal poison body" which was found in the immortal picture. Xiao Yan confessed to the little doctor: 'I thought it was your good luck to meet you, so you are my noble man. You will never suffer from the bite of poisonous insects again, and you will live to be a hundred years old! '

When hearing Xiao Yan's saying "you will never be alone, you have me", the joy of reunion on xiaoyixian's face instantly turned into tears, which can no longer stop & hellip & hellip; Li Qin's progressive crying from joy to sorrow released his acting skills to the extreme, which made the audience burst into tears at the same time. Many netizens said: 'compared with other people in the emotional network, Xiao Yan and xiaoyixian are the happiest together. Xiaoyixian and xiaoyixian's father are better. It's better to keep going like this! "Is my Liqin so offline? I'm sorry! '

In many previous films and TV works, Li Qin's CP attribute makes the audience have a strong sense of substitution, which also proves Li Qin's excellent acting skills from the side. However, Li Qin once jokingly said in an interview: 'CP in the play is loved by everyone, and there is still some space in life, otherwise no one dares to chase it. '

Li Qin's super high beauty value saves the girl's sense of modeling and is praised 'doll'

Since the role of xiaoyixian was exposed, its shape has been controversial, and the public opinion about the shape even exceeds the role itself. However, with the official launch of Liqin, with its vivid acting skills and full interpretation, the innocence, ingenuity, frankness and loveliness of xiaoyixian have gradually been accepted by the public, showing a girl's feeling of sympathy in every move and hit the audience's heart, many netizens started the "real fragrance" mode, praising: 'only Liqin's high beauty can support such a & lsquo; savage'; Modeling bar, look for a long time even trance think a little like a doll, pretty beautiful! '

Xiaoyan not only loves Xiaoyan, but also the audience. This time, Li Qin's farewell made the audience reluctant to part with him. The audience also speculated about the way in which xiaoyixian would return. In the same popular story of Ruyi, Li Qin's concubine Rong is about to make a stunning debut. More exciting, let's wait and see!