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Qu goblin himself! Wang Ziwen's "careful thinking" becomes the focus and arouses hot discussion amon

Recently, actor Wang Ziwen was invited by the brand to appear in Paris fashion week. Her Remix shape with lace and rubber boots is very eye-catching, while the exaggerated and retro 'cat eye makeup' has become the focus of the scene.

Prince diploma has always been favored by the fashion circle because of its unique and ghost horse spirit. The debut of Paris fashion week has aroused hot discussion among netizens, and the attention on the hot search list has continued to rise.

Out of the Paris fashion week, Wang Ziwen recently frequently appeared on more brand platforms of major fashion events, winning the identity of several international spokesmen and ambassadors, and the business value soared. Looking at Wang Ziwen's modeling in various activities and the look of this fashion week, some discerning Netizens found that her "careful thinking" is a winning move.

It turns out that what makes Wang Ziwen win in many fashion activities at the show and stars is a belt. Wang Ziwen's slender waist and gold ratio has become one of the highlights of her fashion activities.

Wang Ziwen, who is often ridiculed as a 'Yoga blogger' by fans, has been praised by netizens for her good figure, and her slim waist and long legs are shown by a wide belt when she appears in fashion activities. Netizens can't help but exclaim 'it's the goblin himself', 'the little idea of the belt is cute' and 'want Wang Ziwen to have the same narrow waist'.