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Lin Xinru is the first film producer to be selected into golden horse venture capital

Yesterday, Lin Xinru, a famous actor and producer, took charge of the film producer's work Miss Andy, which was successfully selected into the 2018 Golden Horse Venture Capital Conference. The work is a Malaysian gender issue film produced by Lin Xinru in collaboration with Wang Lilin, the producer of decibel life, and Chen Liqian, the director. It is worth noting that this is the first time in Lin Xinru's acting career as a film producer. At the beginning of the film project, it has been favored by the jury. It can be said that it is a full affirmation of its art control and creation pattern to stand out from 361 established masterpieces.

It is understood that the film Miss Andy is adapted from the real story in Malaysia. It focuses on the cruel life of 2.2 million Malaysian migrant workers around two women living on the edge of society, reflecting the human trauma of the international black zone. After sixteen summers, the princess of the world and other high-quality TV series, Lin Xinru's identity as a producer has been highly recognized both inside and outside the industry. For a long time, Lin Xinru has always been highly focused on going out of the 'safe zone', constantly challenging and enriching his resume. Asked about the original intention of participating in the film project of Miss Andy, Lin Xinru confessed that "I always think there are many different levels of marginalized people in this society, and everyone has his story, which is worth exploring.".