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Mike new song definition new battle new blockbuster cool

The young inspirational drama "Mr. swimming", starring all-around idol Mike, is on the air, with a cumulative broadcast volume of more than 500 million and a rising topic. As an overseas artist, Mike is also loved by more people in China. Not long ago, Mike's new single "love battle" also sparked a heated discussion. The smart dressing in the synchronized online audio source MV made many netizens shout handsome. And a group of photo blockbusters exposed recently seem to continue the concept of shooting in MV. In the picture, Mike is cool in all black shape, with heavy equipment, complete equipment, sharp eyes and resolute expression as if he is a warrior, ready to fight at all times. In addition, it's worth mentioning that Mike in light clothes can still interpret the cool trend and get rid of the military uniform. Mike only uses a simple T-shirt to perform a different sense of firmness. In a slightly yellowish atmosphere, dressed in white T, he is more like a meditator, as if he is thinking and feeling about the duel just conducted, which is also consistent with the meaning of "the biggest enemy of life is oneself, dare to fight against oneself" that the single "love battle" should convey.

Love battle, as a work that conveys Mike's attitude towards growth, has landed on the QQ music summit list once it was launched, and has achieved remarkable results. The rhythm of the song is closely linked with the plot and dance design in the MV. The combination of the two makes the song highly praised. At the same time, the profound implication behind it also makes the single have a wide range of topics. No matter in the face of love or life, Mike's attitude of "fighting for himself" is to redefine and interpret "battle". This new definition has been unanimously recognized by the majority of netizens , making love battle more and more influential.

As a teenager, Mike has been recognized until now. After many battles with himself, he gradually understood the true meaning of love and life. Love battle is a summary and sublimation of Mike's own feelings. Only by constantly surpassing the past self and moving forward with courage and belief can we achieve the best self. Mike never forgets his pursuit and forge ahead. He also wants to pass this power and insight to all people through music, so that beauty and success belong to everyone who dares to fight for himself.