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She Shiman, the empress of Xian, is not simple

The mid autumn evening party on September 24 is the entertainment focus of the public, while she Shiman not only appeared in the live broadcast of the mid autumn evening party of "Han wind and Autumn Moon" jointly organized by four TV stations (Beijing, Shaanxi satellite TV, Phoenix and Oriental satellite TV), but also showed her figure on the mid autumn night of Hunan Satellite TV, dominating the whole mid autumn night.

She Shiman sings "not so simple" across the border

In the live broadcast of the Mid Autumn Festival Party of "Han wind and Autumn Moon", she Shiman was dressed in a red off shoulder satin dress, with elegant temperament and charming charm. Warm offer "not so simple" and "later" and other classic love songs, the voice has special charm, in the moonlight, quietly sing out the beauty of love and the desire for emotion, netizens have joked that "the queen of darkness even can sing love songs!"! "Princess Xian's Mandarin is so good! '

"Strategies for prolonging the Jubilee" the crew reunites with she Shiman, who doesn't do hair and play magic

Last night she Shiman and the creative guests of the drama group of "Yanxi strategy" got together in Hunan Satellite TV's "mid autumn night" to perform the musical sketch "mid autumn strategy". Many concubines in the harem show their talents and skills. She Shiman and magician Deng man present a wonderful performance with magic color for the audience. The witty and lovely performance explodes the whole scene. The mood of blending feelings and scenes presents the audience with a passionate mid autumn night reunion.

Since the launch of the Yanxi strategy, she's popularity has soared, and her outstanding acting skills have been numerous. The singing of love songs and magic show also let the audience find her versatile side, which is undoubtedly a treasure girl.