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Story of the emergency room: Tian Muchen looks like Huang Xiaoming, the young version

Recently, the large-scale medical TV series "emergency room story" has been popular in the golden stage of Tianjin and Sichuan TV. With the help of "high density, fast rhythm and hot topic" in form, no dog blood, no thunder point and atheism in content, and "no hype, no scandal and no self blackness" in propaganda, it has made a strong positive impact on the smoke of one play, two stars and dozens of new plays competing for the first time in China Strong, popular all over the country.

Screenwriter Chen Fei: Tian Muchen looks like a young version of Huang Xiaoming

Chen Fei, the screenwriter of the hit drama "the story of the emergency room", recently accepted an interview and talked about the most exciting plot of the play. For Tian Muchen, the actor who plays the lively and diligent little brother Jiang Haoran, the difference between the original script and the original script is that the original script was written by a little fat man, so now the play will call out the funny nickname "Jiang Pang". In fact, Tian in reality In his mind, Mu Chen is like a young version of Huang Xiaoming. His handsome sunshine has been infecting people around him. You can also imagine his fat appearance when he was a child. He is so cute that it is very consistent with Jiang Haoran in the play.

Give life, love, miracle, hope and future to the public

In the play, Jiang Haoran, the cute and warm man played by Tian Muchen, also grows up after many things. His sunshine is kind, he is serious and dedicated. Staying in the cute and warm blood also makes the public gradually realize that doctors are not a mysterious group. They are also flesh and blood, love and hate, and there will be the same time when the chain will fall off. Jiang Haoran suddenly faces the situation that the puerpera is about to give birth without any assistance Panic God, he was afraid that he could not do well, afraid that he could not save their mother and son, looking at the blood in his hands, he suddenly realized his inability, he was depressed, resented and wept, and then reflected, Jiang Haoran finally understood that the real meaning of the great career of doctor is to give people life, love, miracle, hope and future, and he will eventually become a real good doctor.

Tian Muchen, a new generation of idol actor in mainland China, has good popularity and reputation

It is understood that Tian Muchen, a new generation of idol actor from the mainland, went to Beijing to study alone with his dream when he was 16 years old. He was appreciated by the examiners at that time and successfully admitted to Beijing Film Academy. The first play cooperated with first-line actors and benefited a lot. Later, he was regarded as a contracted artist by film and television companies. He worked hard all the way and also worked in the business world before joining the Xu family class It is believed that 2015 will be a year of harvest for him.