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Highlights of Kunlun showdown 20150201 preview of spoiler who are the players of Kunlun showdown 020

there are many people asking Xiaobian about the preview of the wonderful content of Kunlun decision 20150201, so Xiaobian went to collect some relevant information. Let's share it with you! On February 1, Kunlun Jue, one of China's most popular fighting series, will be staged at Tianhe stadium in Guangzhou. A new round of more gorgeous and crazy fight carnival night is coming! As Yang Jianping said on his microblog, friends have a good weekend. In the afternoon, friends who live at home may turn on the TV and join us on Jiangsu Satellite TV to support kunlunjue! If you like fighting, please lock in Jiangsu TV & bull; Kunlun duel at 15:30 every Sunday afternoon. We have been busy for a week. On every wonderful weekend, we share this wonderful fighting feast!! Let's make an appointment! The above is the information about the wonderful content preview of Kunlun Jue 20150201 episode compiled by Haige entertainment for you. If you want to know more about the wonderful information or story, you can pay attention to Haige entertainment. We will offer you the most complete and fresh content!