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We all like to laugh at the latest issue of 2015, 0122. Who are the guests at the meeting? Wang Dong

we all like to laugh at the guests in the latest issue of 20150122. Many people are asking Xiaobian about this question, so Xiaobian went to collect some relevant information. Let's share it with you! Wang Dongcheng and Xu Lu perform the library's small fresh, love at first sight, only because they are single together. Liang Zhu, I.Q. exploding, sees the moves, turns into a butterfly and dances. "Single only" will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on January 4, 2015. While the scene was full of laughter, its handsome appearance also attracted the hearts of a group of female fans. Many young fans made a toppling cry: Zheng Yuanchang, you are handsome and I am handsome. As soon as Zheng Yuanchang appeared in black jeans, khaki sweater and black leather boots, a large number of fans at the scene called to Zhishu. Although Zheng Yuanchang always appears in the movie and TV series as the affectionate prince, he is also funny and humorous in his life. "Just being single" starring Zheng Yuanchang, Wang Dongcheng, Xu Lu, Zhang Xinyu and Miao Hecheng is currently on the air on Hunan Satellite TV. After the kiss of mischief, Zheng Yuanchang and Wang Dongcheng continued their leading role in the drama after ten years, and continued to perform the rival drama. We all love to laugh at Wang Dongcheng's recording. The scene is funny and cute. Just the recording makes the fans want to stop, and the performance in the laughing mirror room makes people laugh. Dadong, are you so funny? Can your fans bear it? Some netizens who went to the recording site wrote on Weibo: how do I think my brother and the heroine are the leading men and women!? Am I the only one who thinks so!? My brother has a good time! you 're right! The program is about to have fun ~~~ just have fun ~ the above is the information about the guests in the latest episode of 2015, 0122, which we all like to laugh at compiled by Haige entertainment. Friends who want to know more wonderful information or plot can pay attention to Haige entertainment, and we will offer you the most complete and fresh content!