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Emergency room story: does Wang Xiaohan like Su Li? Did he end up with Su Li? Wang Xiaohan and Su Li

Su Li and Qiu Caixia have a long talk at night. Qiu Caixia tells her that the conditions of the forest hospital are really poor. The doctors here come and go, but few stay. Although Wang Xiaohan is very needed here, Qiu Caixia hopes that he can return to Beijing and have better development. Qiu Caixia's boyfriend ah Hong suddenly fights with people. It turns out that some people are drunk and say they like Caixia. Such a group of people start to fight. Qiu Caixia was so shy that she stopped them from marrying ah Hong. Reporter peak depression suicide attempt was sent to the hospital, and Guan Jizhou lived in the same ward, Guan Jizhou has always been unable to contact Su Li, very anxious.

Su Li falls in love with the simplicity and purity here. Although she is poor, she is happy. Wang Xiaohan agrees with her, and they discuss their ideals. Wang Xiaohan told her that people can only have a bottom line if they fear the soul and life. They have been firm in their heart since they started medicine, because of their bottom line. Wang Xiaohan thanks Su Li for coming to him and hugs her and kisses her. Su Li slaps him. Wang Xiaohan says he left the second hospital because he found that he fell in love with Su Li. Su Li can't believe it, but Wang Xiaohan continues to say that she is the one who has been waiting for her. During the period of her father's death, only thinking of her can make her calm. Wang Xiaohan chose to leave alone to calm down whether she really loves Su Li. Now he has a positive answer. Su Li faced the sudden confession and hurriedly fled. When Guan Jizhou woke up in the morning, he found that Gao Feng wanted to hang himself. Guan Jizhou immediately called zuolo to take him to the intensive care unit. Qiu Caixia gives the things left by Su Li to Wang Xiaohan. There are candy cakes for Qin Qin and stethoscope for fruit. Su Li returns home and lies in bed upset to see the picture of Guan Jizhou. Su Wen blames her sister for missing quietly for more than 30 hours. Guan Jizhou has been looking for her for a long time. Zhang Boju was very appreciative of Chen Shuo's suggestion, and specially called Jizhou to ask his opinion. Guan Jizhou firmly opposes that there are many hospitals in the society that have been acquired due to poor management, but he does not want to see the second hospital become like that. A child stuffed peanuts into his nostrils and cried. Zuolo was helpless. Jiang Haoran came to coax her patiently, and then helped her out with tweezers. Su Li returns to the hospital to work. Guan Jizhou apologizes to Chen Shuo. Su Li pours into his arms and cries and proposes to marry him. Guan Jizhou is very happy, but Su Li pushes him away. Guan does not understand what happened to Su Li. Wang Xiaohan also went back to the hospital. The first thing was to see an ambulance.