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Chang Sisi's amazing performance of "dazzle the world" helped KHL start the new season

On September 3, Shenzhen, China ushered in the first KHL competition. Chang Sisi, the leading coloratura soprano in China, appeared as a special guest in the 2019-2020 season of KHL and ignited the war of KHL Shenzhen station with an extremely difficult coloratura song "dazzle the world". Chang Sisi's continuous voice changes surprised the audience and pushed the competition to a new climax.

Attending the KHL season war this time, the coloratura elf turned into the snow princess. Chang Sisi wore a blue dress that night, which was very eye-catching, corresponding to the venue of the whole ice hockey competition, as if the queen in the snow world was noble and elegant; Calm and firm typhoon, free and skilled singing skills, delicate and in place emotional processing, sonorous and powerful singing, let Chang Sisi bloom the most dazzling light of the night; Chang Sisi sang his masterpiece xuanjing on the spot. This is a song without lyrics. The music style is bright and high. The expression of the whole song depends on emotion and singing skills, which is a great challenge to the singer. Chang Sisi broke through the clear definition of soprano in classical music, using both the dexterity of coloratura and the delicacy of lyric and the cohesion of emotion, With the tension and shock of the dramatic soprano, it sings a new fashion classical model.

As a very difficult coloratura song, xuanjing has no lyrics, so it gives listeners unlimited imagination space and can convey more profound emotions; This song has become popular on the Internet recently. It has been regarded as a 'new generation Divine Song' by many netizens, and has been covered by many young singers. The students with popular voice have also challenged one after another in the program. Xiao Zhan, a popular young actor, also Amway's Teacher Chang sisi's song in the variety show. It can be said that it has set off a national coloratura movement.

Chang Sisi's live singing of "dazzle the world" as a cheering song for the KHL Ice Hockey League coincides with the athletes' spirit of hard work. The notes rising higher and higher seem to face many difficulties, persevere and bravely accept the challenge, and the perfect ending also indicates that the athletes will win after their struggle!