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Strength singer Shi Yin's hit song "lost" is online today

The new single "lost" created by Shi Yin expresses the emotional resonance of the confused period that everyone will experience with a cheerful and dynamic music rhythm.

We all experience confusion at some stage of our life, but we feel more and more strange when standing in front of the mirror. Like an empty jar, I don't know why, mechanized life and work every day. For this reason, I felt annoyed every night, but there was no breakthrough direction for another time.

But who wants to be a trapped animal, who doesn't want to live into a wonderful bird. Have a blue sky, have freedom, have the power to move forward bravely. One day, when the sun shines, I will regain the candy of hope and courage and fill the jar of life with love and ideals. Here! Is the life we should have!

Through this state of mind, Shi Yin's new song "lost" may give you the same strength. Come on! We may have lost ourselves, but we will always meet better ourselves and your future!