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Qi and Qin sing classic songs again, raising an upsurge of nostalgia

Recently, my younger brother Qi Qin attended an activity. Many audiences went to the scene to see the style of music idols. At the scene, the younger brother Qi Qinlian sang many golden songs such as "the outside world" and "night by night", which not only made the audience addicted to listening to songs and set off a chorus boom, but also caused the audience to blog that they wanted to listen to the classic songs again and relive the romance and warmth in the songs.

"Outside world" is an original song of Qi Qin. The song was included in his album "winter rain" released on February 18, 1987. Later, it was re recorded and interpreted by Qi Qin as the ending song of the animated film. The song "the outside world" is full of helplessness and sadness, in sharp contrast to the uninhibited image of Qi and Qin at that time, and it is also like a true portrayal of the young people of that era. Since its release in the 1980s, the song has been greatly sought after. The other song "night night" released in 1996 is soothing and beautiful, with full artistic conception of the lyrics. Coupled with the interpretation of Qi Qin's pure voice, it perfectly depicts the wandering and helplessness of lovelorn people. A sad song can soothe the hearts of fans and have an unexpected healing effect.

Both the outside world and night have different styles and the same musical feeling. As "one of the first generation idols in the music world", Qi Qin has always brought you new music works. In addition to classic songs such as the outside world, night and night, about winter, Qi Qin also often sings live through activities to pass on the songs to more people. I hope they can feel the unique memory of the 1990s every time they listen, Many netizens also expressed their hope to listen to these classic songs in their own city.