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Gao Hanyu showed up at the full time master meeting to show his role charm

It is reported that the youth hot-blooded inspirational drama "full time master" starring Yang Yang, Jiang Shuying, Gao Hanyu and Lai Yi is being broadcast exclusively by Tencent video. Since its launch, the popularity and reputation of full-time Master have risen all the way and achieved good results. On August 18, actor Gao Hanyu and others appeared at the Shanghai fan meeting of full time master. The atmosphere was warm. Actor Gao Hanyu played Yu Wenzhou in the play. He was a team leader with a gentle surface and a black belly.

'sven scum 'appearance perfectly restores Yu Wenzhou

At the meeting of "full time master", Gao Hanyu wore a gray casual suit and attracted fans to scream as soon as he appeared. It turned out that in order to narrow the distance between Gao Hanyu and his fans, Gao Hanyu specially wore the glasses of Yu Wenzhou, the character in the play. Whether in terms of makeup, hair modeling or behavior, Gao Hanyu tried to restore Yu Wenzhou and surprised his fans. Gao Hanyu admitted that he had worked hard to shape the role of Yu Wenzhou. In order to get closer to the role, he constantly adjusted his state and tried to integrate himself into the role wholeheartedly.

No props to restore the fighting scenes in the play, and the fitness players were praised

It is reported that "full time master" uses a large number of live action capture CG special effects when shooting game pictures, which is not a small challenge for actors. When shooting, the actor must make a lot of fighting actions in the game without real objects, which is a great test of the actor's physical expression ability and the ability to control the role. At the scene of the meeting, some actors showed everyone the fighting scenes in the play without props. Among them, the vigorous skill of actor Gao Hanyu has won unanimous praise from everyone. Before shooting, Gao Hanyu did a lot of preparatory work, including keeping fit during the shooting interval, improving his physical fitness in all aspects, and bringing one visual feast after another to the audience.

At present, more than half of the full-time experts have been broadcast, and each appearance of actor Gao Hanyu has firmly grasped the hearts of the audience. This seemingly calm and introverted but actually very dark blue rain captain Yu Wenzhou is wonderful and vivid under the interpretation of Gao Hanyu. In the following plot, what kind of sparks will Yu Wenzhou, the belly black captain, collide with Ye Xiu, the glorious god of both teachers and friends? How will Yu Wenzhou discipline the 'little trouble' Huang shaotian in the team? Please pay attention to the "full time expert" updated by Tencent video every Thursday to Saturday at 8 p.m. and look forward to Gao Hanyu's wonderful performance.