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The world's most influential list tccaisa Asia Pacific region opened the selection, and Hong Kong an

On August 10-11, 2019, tccasia (microblog No.: @ tccasia) "list of 100 most beautiful / handsome faces in the Asia Pacific region" released the list of shortlisted celebrities. Deng Lun (China), Li Xian (China), Jay Chou (Taiwan), Li Tairong (Korea), Jiang Daniel (Korea), Kimura tuoya (Japan), Kimura Guangxi (Japan), Lisa (Thailand), Lin Junjie (Singapore) Gelgado (Israel), he Sui (China), Wang Jiaer (Hong Kong, China), Ouyang Nana (Taiwan, China), Che Yinyou, Cui Xueli (South Korea), Ji Zheliang (Japan), Mario (Thailand), Li Yaqi (Vietnam), Sheila (Malaysia) and Wu Zun (Brunei) were announced as the first batch of selected artists.

The '100 faces' list of well-known American film website TCC (TC Candler) has been selected since 1990 and is recognized as an authoritative list. Tccasia is the fashion entertainment list media initiated and founded by TC Candler in the Asia Pacific region, which is independently operated by the Asia Pacific team. Since 2018, hundreds of the most influential people leading the fashion and aesthetic trend in the Asia Pacific region will be selected every year according to the four major projects of '100 most beautiful faces in the Asia Pacific region', '100 most handsome faces in the Asia Pacific region', '100 most beautiful faces in China' and '100 most handsome faces in China', which will be jointly released with the global list.

The shortlist on the first day covers 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region, and the nationality of artists is controversial

On August 10, 2019, tccasia released the list of shortlisted celebrities, in which the nationality publicity of Hong Kong and Taiwan artists and others triggered a heated discussion. In the international selection, some websites and magazines will list Taiwan, Hong Kong and other regions separately, while tccasia publicizes the nationality of Hong Kong and Taiwan artists as Taiwan, China, which is a clear expression as an international media.

"In the subsequent list, Hong Kong and Taiwan artists will also be publicized in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, China. This is not only our love and respect for China, but also our appreciation of the patriotic feelings of these influential artists." Tccasia responded to the controversy by saying: "we must be clear about what we want to do for a list that has been selected for decades and still allows more people to participate."

'August boyfriend' Deng Lun takes over 'July boyfriend' Li Xian

In the list released on the first day, it not only contains Li Xian, the male owner of "dear beloved" who has just finished the hit, known as the "boyfriend in July", but also Deng Lun, who took over the "boyfriend in August", who is a screen star on the list. In addition, Jay Chou, Lin Junjie and other music kings, Kimura tuoya, Gail gado and other film stars with great international influence, and Daniel Jiang, who has recently been highly controversial on the international network because of his love, are all on the list. The list covers artists from seven countries, which makes the universality and authority of the 'hundred sided list' more affirmed.

Tccasia's top 100 figures series is not to choose the most gimmicky artists in the region, but a group of excellent representatives who really have the courage to move forward in their career and exert positive energy influence on the public with their own charm. Since its establishment, tccasia has successively opened the list on the principle of fairness and fairness and publicized it on global social media. In previous operations, the number of nominees participating in the list exceeded 2 million, the amount of blog reading exceeded 100 million, and the amount of Topic Reading and Discussion on social platform reached 3 billion, making tccasia a very influential media platform.

List of recent works and profiles

Deng Lun (China)

The excellent performance in the ancient costume myth drama "fragrant honey sinks like frost" made Chinese actor Deng Lun become an ancient costume male God and national first love. In August, "come on! You are the best", he no longer played the male god with Jack Su background, but challenged the hard-working role of civilians and won the favor of Chinese audiences again.

He Sui (China)

As the second Oriental supermodel to be on the Victoria Secret Show, he Sui has gained four pairs of wings since her debut, made dazzling achievements on t-platforms at home and abroad, and showed the world the beauty of confident Chinese women. In recent years, the attempt and performance in film and television and variety shows have given the supermodel a more three-dimensional image. It has just appeared on the cover of "golden nine" of vogue, which is also an affirmation of its influence in the fashion industry.

Ouyang Nana (China)

Chinese film actress and cellist. Ouyang Nana, who studied at the Berkeley Conservatory of music, an international well-known Conservatory of music, has been controversial because of her role as "Lu Xiaokui", but she is known as the image of all girls' dreams because she shows the real record of studying abroad in the United States and her excellent performance in music programs. In China, the excellent performance of the famous variety "ace to ace" and the release of "secret fruit" also make people look forward to her future performance and the release of "big master". In the face of political disputes, Ouyang Nana appeared and voiced her firm support for the one China principle, which aroused the support of the Chinese people.

Wang Jiaer (China)

A "barbidragon" makes Wang Jiaer's name no longer just an idol male singer. He has been committed to integrating different styles of music in his own works. This innovative spirit and his own charm make him have the support of many fans.

Li Tairong (Korea)

Known as NCT's divine face, Li Tairong won the love of a large number of fans with his outstanding appearance before his official debut. After his debut, his hard sweat brought him four surprises in dance and exciting in singing, which made him more sought after by fans.

Jiang Daniel (Korea)

Jiang Daniel, who appeared in public in South Korea's well-known talent show and became extremely popular, has recently established an independent brokerage company, and then broke out his relationship with the captain of South Korea's well-known combination, which once plunged Jiang Daniel into the upsurge of "de dusting", but his hard work and confident image have also cured more people.

Takuya Kimura (Japan)

As a figure standing at the peak of Japanese idol, Takuya Kimura is far ahead of other Japanese entertainers in global influence. The countless trophies in her hand show the comprehensive crushing of the strongest idol in Japanese history.

Hiroshi Kimura (Japan)

Some people say that Kimura Guangxi is a daughter who enjoys the scenery standing on the halo of Kimura's idols. In fact, Kimura Guangxi is blooming its own light in the fields of fashion and music. It is also expected that she will have a future when she is endorsed by international brands such as Bulgari and Chanel.

Lisa (Thailand)

Lisa, a Thai female singer who made her debut in South Korea, has won a lot of attention with her outstanding figure proportion and appearance. She has mastered many languages, attracted the attention of people with her perfect figure proportion and exotic charm, and made more people willing to understand her hot efforts.

Lin Junjie (Singapore)

The well deserved creative king of Chinese music has benefited from the growth background of bilingual and dual culture. He can integrate his perception and thinking of personal and social style in his works, so as to trigger the emotional resonance of listeners with similar cultural background. Each of his songs has a high degree of singing, accompanied by the memories of the post-90s who spent their school days.

Gail & middot; Gado (Israel)

In the "speed and passion" series, Gail & middot; Although gado is not a heroine, she has a hot figure and good means. After she joined, she quickly became a bright color in men's drama. Her role is amazing. The release of works such as magic woman and justice alliance has laid her international influence.

At present, tccasia's' list of 100 most beautiful / handsome faces in the Asia Pacific region 'is under hot selection. Are there any idol stars you pick? During the selection period, you can also come to microblog (microblog @ tccasia) to nominate the most handsome / beautiful face in your mind.