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Wang Xi's solo tour Guangzhou station ended with a cover of "she came to listen to my concert"

Recently (August 4), Wang Xi, a singer of Lehua entertainment, gently started singing in Guangzhou. This is the fifth stop of his' cherish Zhenxi '2019 personal tour concert. Wang Xi also recalled her short time in Guangzhou. At the same time, she specially added "she comes to my concert" for fans in Guangzhou, hoping that everyone who loves him will be very happy.

Dressed in a tassel suit, Wang Xi sang more than 20 hot Golden Songs. His song is full of feelings and aspirations for past experience and future life. It has the romance between mountain and sea, the tolerance between heaven and earth, and the charm of mature men. It shows a full sense of security. It is stable and open-minded in natural comfort, and gentle and wanton in lazy sexuality.

Wang Xi's mellow bass combined with the sound field environment of the theater makes her tenderness just right. Wang Xi's telling emotional expression makes people unconsciously follow him into the story behind the song. There is no gorgeous dance beauty effect. A top band, a high chair and a wheat stand are concise but not simple, and fully return to the music itself, Wang Xi's voice and works are more prominent.

It is reported that Wang Xi's' cherish Zhenxi'2019 personal tour concert will continue to be performed at Beijing Century Theatre on the 16th of this month. Please look forward to it!